Week 1

Feb 1, Friday

Share a delicious meal with someone you care about. (Bonus points if you use Vitality essential oils! Check out our latest blog post for creative cooking ideas!)


Feb 2, Saturday

Inspire romance by diffusing such as Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, German Chamomile and Geranium essential oil.

Week 2

Feb 3, Sunday

Send a note or card to someone you love.


Feb 4, Monday

Cuddle up with a blanket and your favorite book or movie for a night in.


Feb 5, Tuesday

Write down 10 things you love about yourself.


Feb 6, Wednesday

Send a gift to someone.


Feb 7, Thursday

Make a favorite treat for yourself.


Feb 8, Friday

Start a gratitude journal.


Feb 9, Saturday

Tell someone you love them.

Week 3

Feb 10, Sunday

Go to lunch with a coworker or friend.


Feb 11, Monday

Buy yourself some fresh-cut flowers.


Feb 12, Tuesday

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.


Feb 13, Wednesday

Smile at others. This one is free!


Feb 14, Thursday

Share something uplifting on your social network.


Feb 15, Friday

Plan a day of adventure just for you!


Feb 16, Saturday

Wear your favorite essential oil blend as a personal scent, such as Shutran and Joy.

Week 4

Feb 17, Sunday

Give someone your time today and listen to what he or she has to say.


Feb 18, Monday

Bring in treats to work.


Feb 19, Tuesday

Plan a nice evening for yourself.


Feb 20, Wednesday

Donate your gently used clothes to a local non-profit organization.


Feb 21, Thursday

Go on a walk with a family member, friend, or pet.


Feb 22, Friday

Plan a girls’ night out with your favorite ladies.


Feb 23, Saturday

Draw yourself a bubble bath, add Lavender, and unwind.


Week 5

Feb 24, Sunday

Replace your workout with a dance. Take a class or find a video online!


Feb 25, Monday

Rub some Lavender oil on your feet before you get a full eight hours of sleep.


Feb 26, Tuesday

Hug someone.


Feb 27, Wednesday

Be kind to someone you don’t know.


Feb 28, Thursday

Donate to a cause you care about, for example, the Young Living Foundation and its projects: Sole Hope, Rebuild Nepal and Healing Faith Uganda.


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