Around the world, people want to know how to stay healthy. From mastering healthy eating tips to balancing work and play, there’s so much to learn from worldwide cultures in your journey to learn how to get healthy. With help from Young Living Education Events Presenter and Registered Nurse Ed Dailey, we’ve gathered some of our favorite simple health tips from regions all over to help you discover how to live a healthy lifestyle that works for you. See what you’re already doing and what you can implement today!

Start Healthy Habits Young

Ikaria, Greece

In Ikaria, healthy habits are established from an early age—especially in the kitchen. Children start cooking with their families very young, learning to prepare food without modern appliances and discovering traditional cooking methods and recipes.

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Olive oil is a staple in the Ikarian diet, and people from this region consume about 4 tablespoons of it every day! They also include potatoes, fermented cheese, and wild greens—like arugula and dandelion—in their diet.

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Ikarians love lemons! Get inspired by adding a drop of Lemon Vitality™ to your water, tea, or cuisine.

Maintain lifelong relationships

Okinawa, Japan

Relationships are such an important part of health and happiness in Okinawa, Japan, that the culture institutes social support groups called moai. The tradition began with farmers who would work together to help and support each other even if their crops failed. Now, a moai can offer social, emotional, and even financial support, so everyone has someone in their corner when they need it.

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In addition to healthy relationships, the people of Okinawa also focus on healthy eating. Some common foods in their diet are sweet potatoes, turmeric, garlic, and seaweed, which contains folate and iodine.

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Diffuse the positive, uplifting aroma of Oola® Friends™ while repeating the affirmation “I am blessed with empowering, healthy relationships” to remind yourself of the value of lifelong bonds.

Seek authentic happiness


The D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation Malaria Center in UgandaReported to be one of the world’s happiest countries, Denmark has a culture rooted in choices that bring true joy. Instead of things that can be bought, the people of Denmark focus on creating strong social ties—which are especially important in times of trouble—and on participating in charitable efforts.

Fun fact

While Danish winters are known for short days and dark, cold nights, the country puts a positive spin on the harsh winters by practicing hygge, a cultural mentality that focuses on coziness, love, and relationships.

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See how it feels to share your blessings with others by supporting a charitable organization such as The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. Whether you share a few dollars or participate in an event, helping someone else can make you more grateful for your own blessings.

Go back to basics

Sardinia, Italy

Simplicity is at the foundation of the Sardinian way of life, and it icharitable organization,s part of what makes the area so healthy and happy. People in the area source most of their food themselves and many are shepherds. Because of this lifestyle, goat milk and cheese are common at the tables of Sardinian homes, where both family and a cast of loved ones gather. Social ties and relationships are also another simple yet rewarding aspect of Sardinian life.

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Grains make up almost 50 percent of the Sardinian diet, while dairy takes up about 25 percent. Additionally, chickpeas are popular for their fiber and protein, while tomatoes provide vitamin C and potassium. Sugar makes up only 3 percent of their diet.

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Fennel is a popular food in Sardinia, and it’s often used for its medicinal properties. Add Fennel Vitality™ to your own wellness regimen for digestive support and to help support a healthy outlook during PMS.*

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Get moving throughout the day

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief CreamHumble and hardworking, the people of the Nicoya Peninsula integrate an active lifestyle into everything they do. Instead of including moments of physical activity into a sedentary way of life, this culture finds joy in the hard, physical labor of everyday tasks and chores. When your lifestyle is built on staying active, you don’t have to worry about making time to get moving!

Fun fact

Nicoyans’ active, outdoor lifestyle helps them get healthy amounts of sun as well, which helps them get enough of the vital nutrient vitamin D.

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Don’t shy away from physical chores. Instead, celebrate the opportunity to move your body and accomplish something worthwhile. Keep a bottle of Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream at home, so you have one less excuse to keep you from moving the furniture, pulling weeds, or sweeping the floor.

What’s your favorite healthy habit from around the world? Let us know in the comments below!