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26 March 15, 2017 - Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

Iodine is a necessary mineral that your body can’t produce itself. It must be consumed from an outside source through food or an iodine supplement. The USDA recommends that most adults consume 150 micrograms of iodine per day, and pregnant and nursing women should consume about twice that much.

An iodine deficiency is not something to take lightly. If you’re not getting enough, it can pose a risk to your health. Pregnant women need to be especially proactive about meeting their daily requirement. Just a few decades ago, so many Americans were iodine deficient that as part of a public health initiative, many U.S. salt companies began adding iodine to their salt. When you go to the supermarket today, most salt packaging says: This salt contains iodine, a necessary nutrient. With the new trend of low-sodium diets, however, many people are saying no to salt and are looking for other options to meet their daily iodine quota.

The best food source for iodine is seaweed. Yes, that green aquatic plant that makes you cringe when it brushes against you while swimming but tastes fantastic when wrapped around a ball of rice and fish. This food source blows all others out of the water (pun intended), with well more than 100 percent of your daily need in just 1/8 of an ounce. But sushi and seaweed paper aren’t for everyone. Many people find its fishy taste overwhelming and even downright off-putting.

So what do you do if seaweed makes you queasy? You could try turning to other foods. Runners-up are animal-based foods like codfish and yogurt. But you’d have to consume much larger quantities of these to get enough each day, nearly 45 times more codfish (3 ounces) and 51 times more yogurt (8 ounces) than seaweed.

Young Living - NingXia NitroDon’t panic! We know these numbers are discouraging. Fortunately, there’s another option that takes seaweed and measuring cups of out the equation: Young Living’s NingXia Nitro®! Just one small tube contains 75 mcg of pure iodine, that’s 50 percent of the recommended daily value for an adult. With NingXia Nitro, you don’t have to worry about using food scales or consuming fishy aquatic plants and animal products. It’s as easy as grabbing and squeezing! You’ll also enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, not to mention a great wolfberry taste! Find out more about this YL favorite on the NingXia Nitro product page.


To help your body get some iodine love, we’re giving away a box of NingXia Nitro (valued at $50.99 each) to five randomly selected people. Just comment on this post for your opportunity to win! Maybe let us know how NingXia Nitro makes life easier for you!

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  • Don’t we already consume iodine in the salt we eat? Most table salts have iodine in it already. Is it derived differently?

    • Hi Elizabeth! Yes, U.S. salt companies began adding iodine to their salt. However, with the new trend of low-sodium diets, however, many people are saying no to salt and are looking for other options to meet their daily iodine quota. That’s why the best food source for iodine would be seaweed. We hope this helps and appreciate you stopping by!

  • Sharon Williams

    If a person is allergic to shellfish, should they avoid this?

    • Young Living

      Hello Sharon, Due to your individual sensitivities, please speak with your health care provider prior to using the product. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks!

  • julie

    I love doing a combo of a nitro, a ningxia red packet and a zyng! I call it the triple threat!

  • Mary Ann Baughan

    Very good to know! I already loved the nitro and now I love it even more!

  • rosa

    Es maravilloso para la epoca de estudio, me encanta! Cuando tienes que estar concentrado y con la mente a pleno rendimiento, es simplemente espectacular!

    • Marcia Kopp

      Interested in the iodine supplement. Years ago my mother used to snack on dried seaweed (called dulce). We kids never understood how she cd stand it, but she seemed to love it, I’m guessing that her body craved it for a deficiency.

  • Vikki

    Due to hp years of low sodium diet removed iodine very excited to try it !

  • I tried NingXia Nitro last fall, thinking I’d feel better, (I get the winter blues).. but, I couldn’t remember to take it and I didn’t notice much about it’s effects.. , then, 2 months ago, I found that, taking it every morning, I wouldn’t feel so tired at night (I could get thru the day, without that drowsiness) .. Now, I’ve run out. . .. I didn’t realize that there’s iodine in it!? That’s good news!

  • Jaslyn Teo

    I love to try NigXia Nitro!! Hope I am one of e random winners to get one box…

  • I didn’t try the Nitro yet even though I have it in my refrigerator. It is there for my son, he uses it before he goes out for his workout. Knowing this now I will surely try it.

  • Genny GriffinTundo

    I would like to try this product, do you know if it is sulfate free ?

    • Young Living

      Hi Genny, Ningxia Nitro® does not contain any sulfates. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Tami Molinaro

    I would love to try it!

  • Tammy Farrington

    Would like to see this work for me

  • Candis Knutsen

    I take thyroid medication daily so might benefit from Ningxia Nitro. This was helpful information.

  • Michelle Coffman

    I knew I felt better on days I had a Ningxia Nitro and now I know why! 🙂

  • Felisha Bryan-York

    I would love to try this!!

  • Tammy McCall

    Sounds like something I need!

  • Susan

    Tried the Ningxia Nitro and loved it! Love getting more of the nutrients my body needs and knowing I can trust the product!

  • Peggy harmann

    Thank you for this article. I will have to explore the Ningxia products!

  • Karen Erb

    What an awesome giveaway! ❤ Ningxia Nitro!

  • Misty

    Loved my samples in my psk. I can see why people order it so frequently!

  • Twyla K K Chapman

    I would LOVE to win a box of NingXia Nitro!!!

  • Jennifer Santelli

    Ninxgia Nitro gives me a boost to get through tough workouts when I feel sluggish! Love it even more that it has 50% of the recommended dose of Iodine!

  • Stephanie Crider

    Nitro is a nice boost from the afternoon brain fog. Love to add it to Ningxia or Zyng before a workout.

  • I love Ningxia Nitro. I just started using it and a free box would be most appreciated! Young Living rocks!

  • Karen Hays

    I’ve been trying to get more iodine in my diet to support my thyroid … I’d love to try Nitro

  • Rhonda Miller

    I can not live without my pods!!!!! Love them

  • Jill Hurley

    I am very new to Young Living. Being able to try NingXia Nitro.

  • Jill Hurley

    I am very new to Young Living. Being able to try NingXia Nitro would be awesome!

  • diane klick

    I would love to try this, thank you, so much

  • Tonya White

    This would be wonderful!

  • Julie Wilcox

    I thought I was getting enough iodine . But this past year I have had very little appetite. I think this is something I should very seriously look into.

  • Danielle Guess

    Ningxia Nitro is a great shot of energy mid day! When coffee is a poor choice, I always reach for my Nitro. 😉 Great information about iodine and how to supplement!

  • Marlene

    Would love to try it, but does it contain caffeine? If so, I’ll have to stick to Ningxia Red, which I love.

    • Young Living

      Hi Marlene, Ningxia Nitro does contain naturally occurring caffeine. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jennifer Liu

    It’s amazing how God works. I was just beginning my research on iodine and thyroid health. Of course, Young Living has it covered. Thank you for this post.

  • Hannah Noel

    I’ve never actually tried the Nitro, but I would love to!

  • Barbara Cable

    Love these blogs! It makes me pay attention to what I’m putting in my body it makes me to go grab my Nitro out of the refrigerator and squish it down. Love the flavor!

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