Beard-Taming Tips for the Shaggiest Month of the Year

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During November thousands of men put away their razors and let their facial hair grow uninhibited in support of men’s health awareness. Two of the most prominent advocates for this movement are No-Shave November and Movember, charitable organizations dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health.

Are you joining in? No matter which cause you’re ditching the razor for, it’s important to keep those follicles looking and feeling their best. We decided to ask the best-bearded men in our corporate office about which Young Living essential oil combinations they use to maintain their rugged facial hair look.


MarcoMarco C., Senior Manager of Product Marketing

“I like to smell good, keep my skin moisturized, and have a sheen in my beard that draws in the eye—but in a manly way. This oil combination tends to hit all the points necessary to keep my face soft without compromising my manliness.

“I like to blend Young Living’s Tea Tree, Bergamot, and Cedarwood essential oils. For every drop of essential oil, I add 3 drops of jojoba oil as carrier.

“The scent of this combination makes me feel grounded with a twist of devious inspiration. These oils smell great together, and the scent reminds me to be confident as I approach every aspect of my day. I like to use it in the morning and again in the afternoon to keep that aromatic reminder going.”


JoshJosh J., Marketing Channel Copywriter

“The coarse hair of my beard needs to be treated a little differently than the finer hair on my head. I tried shampooing and conditioning my beard, but it didn’t leave my beard soft or smooth enough. I like using beard oil to help give my beard a shiny gloss and a great smell that lasts through the day—and there’s no better way to get it than to make your own. That way you can adjust the amounts of the oils to suit your needs and get the perfect signature scent.

“Since my beard covers so much real estate, I dilute the essential oils pretty heavily so they aren’t overwhelming. When I make my signature “Refined Ruffian” blend, I start with sweet almond oil and avocado oil to serve as carriers. These nearly neutral oils are an ideal base that makes up approximately 85–90 percent of the beard oil. Here are three of my favorite essential oil combinations to really bring the beard oil to life.”


Nathan M., Product Marketing Manager

“I like the fresh feeling of eucalyptus oils but with the sweetness of Citrus Fresh and Australian Blue. Tea Tree is great for an added healthy glow for your face.

Using this rich-smelling beard oil makes me feel less peasant and more nobleman.

“I start with 10 drops of V-6 or jojoba oil, and then start adding my Young Living essential oils: 2 drops of Tea Tree, 1 drop of Helichrysum, 1 drop of Eucalyptus Radiata, 1 drop of Citrus Fresh, and 2 drops of Australian Blue.”

JonnyJonny T., Senior Media Productions Manager

“The essential oils I use change based on my mood that morning. Some mornings I’ll reach for Citrus Fresh and add a hint of Wintergreen because they tend to attract some nice attention. Every once in a while, I’ll throw in some Shutran just because it’s so manly; it’s like my beard has a beard.

“For my signature beard oil, I start with a whopping drop of Wintergreen, 2 drops of Citrus Fresh, a drop of Valor, 3 drops of Shutran, 2 drops of Tea Tree, 4 drops of Lavender oil, 1 drop of Believe, 2 drops of Build Your Dream, and 3 drops of Magnify Your Purpose.”


What essential oil combinations do you use to give your beard a healthy-looking sheen? Let us know in the comments!

  • Hey Shannon! Can you let us know what recipe you are using? This will help us be able to better help you! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Edmond Carlock

    Great blog and images

  • Rob

    I thought it was best to avoid citrus oils on skin when out in the sun. Being that these beard oils will be on your skin (under the hair) is there still a need to avoid the sun? I would love to try some but dont want my face to burn.

    • Young Living

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for stopping by. All oils that have a Photosensitivity warning on the label will tell you how long to avoid sun exposure. We recommend always following label direction.
      In addition to the DIY beard oil suggestions in this post, we do also have a new Shutran Beard Oil available. To learn more about this product, click here: Shutran Beard Oil. The level of citrus oils in the Beard Oil should pose no photosensitivity issues when used as directed on the product label.Thanks for stopping by!The level of citrus oil in the Beard Oil should pose no photosensitivity issues when used as directed on the product label. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Becky

    I made a beard oil and beard balm for my hubby. I used equal parts of Oola Grow, Oola Finance, and Oola Family. The carrier oil in the oil mix is Safflower with a few drops of Vitamin E oil, and in the balm i did a mix of coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and beeswax. Hubby loves them.

  • Kenneth Scott Pfleging

    I thought you had a new beard oil product, not just a personal blend of ones choice.

  • Many thanks, this site is extremely or clearly define regarding Beard oil

  • Natasha Dillon

    I would love to make a beard oil for my hubby… his favorite sent is Bay Rum… What combination or YL oils would that be???

    Thank you for your attention and any help!

    • Young Living

      Hi Natasha, We recommend viewing each of our oils and seeing what combination your husband may like for a beard oil! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Epic Post!
    Beard oil really helps in reducing itch, every beard addict must try.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Great tips!
    I would also recommend to be more active in order to increase testosterone levels, rest (8-9 hours daily), and eat better, which means, no junk food, limit alcohol, plus eliminate smoking.

  • Brian B.

    Question for Jonny T.

    What size of bottle or how much carrier oil do you use with this ‘Mothership’ of beard oil recipes. It looks like it would smell phenomenal. Also, what is your favorite carrier oil?

  • Misty Pearson

    My husband started growing a beard last month and I am excited to show him these recipes and let him pick one out. I am glad that I can make something that is personalized and just right for him. 🙂

  • bo

    I use coconut oil as my base and add Cedarwood and other oils. I use it twice a day and love the fresh feel it creates.

  • Gina Smoot

    I love this blog!!! I make a beard oil for my son — we use the same recipe as Marco C. I am going to try these other recipes to see how he likes it! I think he’s been participating in the No Shave November for 3 years! lol

  • Cindy S.

    Johnny T I love your comment, “…it’s like my beard has a beard”. Ha! Hysterical! Thanks for that!

  • I LOVE this blog post! I’m going to show these recipes to my husband. A little while back, he researched a little and came up with a recipe (I’m not sure where he found it.) that included Cedarwood and coconut oil. It smelled fantastic, but he felt too shiny and never looked for another blend. With all of these oil (and blend) suggestions, he’ll certainly find one that works for him! As for me, I’ll just keep plucking the three hairs that grow on my chin while I use my oils for everything else! 😂

  • Jay Haack

    I like to use a drop of Valor, 2 drops of Bergamot and 3 drops of Citrus Fresh. I call it my “1-2-3” blend!

  • Sharon Brotherton

    Good job guys.

  • Thank you! I feel that we often forget our Young Living men in the social medias. Please continue to share men related topics, there is not many good personal care suggestions available

  • Jenn Loven

    Where can I find Shutran?? I can’t find it in my catalog.

  • Love this “man post”

  • Kathy West

    I love this blog! I like the way YL is branching out in other areas of lifestyles.

  • I like adding 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Tea Tree, and 3 drops Cedarwood to a 5-ml bottle with avocado carrier oil.

  • Mindi Crawford

    Thanks for the ideas guys, I have been wanting to make some beard oil for my son.

  • This may be my most favorite blog post ever!!

  • Zachary

    I personally make a blend of Frankincense, Elemi, Geranium, Sacred Mountain and Lavender in a base of almond oil. Smells great and adds a shine!

  • Alana

    Hysterical! Love this blog post!

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