Essential Oils 101

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Essential Oils 101 - What are essential oils

  • Hi Angela, Our Young Living® Essential Oils are not water soluble, but they are oil soluble. Great question, thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Caroline! Great question, definitions for distillation is the action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling, or the extraction of the most important aspects of something. So distillation and extraction can mean the same thing. Both phrases would be accurate. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Beck
  • Connie Finley

    Lov ed my oils. Never learn to much about oils. I learn SD one thing new everyday.

  • Ashley

    I’m just a little confused with the Vitality line. I just got my premier kit and half of my oils are of the Vitality line. Can the Vitality line be used in a diffuser or topically? I hope so, because I wa excited for my kit because I had blends for diffusing, roll ons and creams I wanted to do but alot of the main oils I would use are of the Vitality line.

    • Young Living

      Hi Ashley, thank you for your question. With the same constituents and purity, our Vitality line is labeled for dietary use, while the topical/aromatic line is labeled for topical and aromatic uses. We recommend referring to the usage directions on each individual product label. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kristi Stapler

      Ashley–there is an easy answer to your question–you just need to talk to the person who helped you purchase your kit!

    • Jessica Weinstein

      Yes you can. They are the exact same oils as the regular labeled ones, but are labeled in white so you know they are part of the vitality line and ingestible.

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