DIY Summer Blends: Sunny Blends for Your Diffuser

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When the mercury soars, we look for ways our DIY essential oil blends can help us beat the heat. Whether we’re using refreshing sunny scents that lift our spirits or woodsy aromatic tones that remind us of cool forest glades, the right essential oil diffuser recipe can be the perfect match for longer days and warmer temperatures. Find your new favorite summer blend in the recipes below—they’re all for a 12-drop diffuser, so adjust accordingly for your diffuser’s size.

Blue Cypress essential oilScandinavian solstice

Make summer last as you gather friends around the bonfire and enjoy lengthy nights that remind you of a sun that barely sets, cool lakes, and cabin retreats. These fresh, woodsy aromatics will bring just the right amount of cool, solstice-inspired calm to your home or office.

Citrus Fresh Essential OilSqueeze the day

Bright, citrusy scents invigorate and refresh any environment. Use this essential oil diffuser blend to wake up your senses on languid afternoons or get an energizing start to the day by diffusing it first thing in the morning.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - Young LivingGood, clean sun

As much as we love summer, a lot of heat can lead to a lot of stink. Clear the air by diffusing this fresh, clean-smelling blend of complementary oils and say see ya later to stuffy, smelly spaces.

Lemon Myrtle Essential OilVitamin sea

Reminiscent of a day at the beach, this essential oil diffuser blend might have you checking for sand between your toes and salt in your hair. When a vacation to the beach is too many weeks away, this blend of uplifting aromas will tide you over.

Citronella Essential OilA midsummer night’s dream

Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or sitting on the patio under the stars, this blend will freshen the night air and can help keep you annoyance free.

Cedarwood Essential OilA bloom of one’s own

The floral notes of summer blossoms make us want to bring the outdoors inside. Turn your favorite room into a garden-like sanctuary by diffusing this essential bouquet this summer.

We love taking our favorite parts of summer and making the most of them with essential oils. Did you know that you can incorporate these blends into your beauty routine as well? Learn how to turn these seasonal blends into a DIY perfume and a DIY lotion bar to keep these summery aromas with you all day!

What are your favorite summery essential oils? Let us know in the comments!

  • Beth Pruitt -Wells

    I love all the citrus oils. They smell so clean and fresh.
    Orange is a favorite of mine…..and I love to use it for cooking also.

  • fitnurse4

    another newbie here !! Any comments or suggestions for teens showing ‘tics’ from Tourettes syndrome? Open to any suggestions. Thanks!!

    • Hi there, If you have a disease or medical condition, or if you are using a prescription medication, it is recommended that you consult with a health adviser who has experience with Essential Oils prior to using an Essential Oil. Seek the advice of the prescribing physician and a pharmacist about potential interactions between the medication(s) and the essential oil(s). Thanks for stopping by!

  • Montica

    I found a lot of relief using peppermint and also rub it on neck and shoulders.

  • Jennifer Degraw

    Seems like a lot of drops for a diffuser blend.

    • Michelle

      You combine all the drops together in a 5ml bottle then put 5-8 drops or whatever your preference in the diffuser. These are recipes to make your own blends not diffuser recipes.

    • Toni Danielle Stolp

      I’m thinking the very same thing!!!

  • Jennifer Root

    I too agree with exact directions…..newbie, also

  • Jennifer Root

    Do you have a special recipe or just “wing it”

    • Sandy Masingill


  • Katy Rogers

    Can you please attach a downloadable version to these posts? I’d love to save these quickly and easily, but every time I try to copy/paste, strange things happen. A PDF or graphic would be lovely.


    • Thanks for your suggestion Katy. We are working on creating more shareable versions of our posts.

    • Beth A Snow

      I had to take pictures of them and save on my phone 🙂

  • Tina VanHeel

    I like Helichrysum

  • April Mixon

    Hong Kaui isn’t available in the US – any alternative?

    • Hi April, Hong Kuai is currently out of stock. We apologize for the inconvenience. Recommended alternatives would be Hinoki or Xiang Mao. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kim Rodriguez

    Love this oil and Roman Chamomile to help support skin!

  • Cathy

    Some of these seem like they use a lot of oils. Are these recipes meant to be pre-blended, then put into the diffuser with just a few drops of the blend? Does that make sense?

    • Hi Cathy! You could use these four blend recipes a couple of ways, since different diffusers call for varying amounts of oil drops. Pre-blending them then adding the appropriate amount into your diffuser is a great idea! Otherwise, you can use these blends as a general guide for oil ratios for your particular diffuser. Hope this is helpful!

  • Rachael Larson

    I love just Jasmine on both of my wrists. It smells amazing all day, like I’m on a deserted Island.

  • Pauline L. Bruch

    I too appreciate all the recipes that have been posted lately. I love trying new recipes. I love all the oils I have tried so far. I love Young Living!

  • Autumn

    Do you mix these oils with the v-6 and use as a roll on or in the diffuser?

    • Young Living

      Thanks for your question, Autumn. The blends listed are suggested for use in a diffuser. However, you may choose to mix them for topical use if you would like. Please refer to the usage directions on each individual product label for topical use instructions.


    What blends would you use for headaches?

    • Young Living

      Hi Terri! Our essential oil blends can be found on We suggest reviewing the product descriptions and ingredients for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further with a health care provider for recommendations to address your specific concerns. Hope you find something helpful!

  • Nancy Ignash

    I am a newbie also. I am looking for some body mist recipes. Does anyone have some?

  • carol parman

    What has anyone tried on wasp stings? I started out with eucalyptus and lemon and peppermint, no pain but next morning it’s large red space with a little swelling. And tHE STING LOOKS PUssy. Used cold compress on it too.

  • Sharon

    These recipes sound wonderful. Just getting started. Would love to try the Floral Rush!! Can’t wait to get some of these oils.

  • Pat Dyke

    Thank you so much for recipes. Yes , there are some of us that require specific instructions.

    Thanks again and please keep them coming.

  • Sarah McBride

    I love trying out new oil combinations 🙂 One of my favorites to diffuse is Frankincense and Citrus Fresh.

  • Love these and can’t wait to try them! Here’s my list of summer blends!

  • Amy

    thank you for these recipes AND for the directions because I am one of those people that needed directions. I’m new and I would have put all of those drops in my diffuser.

  • Sue

    Some people I guess need exact directions, so if you can kindly add to the blog post to put into a spray bottle (for spritzing the air with a carrier oil such as…) and then take a clean 15 ml bottle and add the drops to make each of the recipes to a separate bottle, then from each recipe drop in a few drops to ones liking into a diffuser. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Kathie Bitzer

      Sue is correct. Many of us newbies need exact directions.
      Thanks for the summer recipes. I will be trying them.

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