Most people know black pepper as an essential culinary spice—it brings a burst of flavor to simple and complex recipes. But did you know black pepper can enhance other areas of your life as well? Shake things up with Black Pepper essential oil.

Where does Black Pepper essential oil come from?

Before we dive in to how to use Black Pepper essential oil, here’s a bit of information about its origins. It’s produced from the fruit of the Piper nigrum plant, known to most of us as the peppercorn. Black Pepper is warm, spicy, and versatile—see how you can use it with our tips below!

a bottle of black pepper essential oil on a white background with a few peppercorns and a bouquet faded in the background

What is Black Pepper essential oil used for?

The things Black Pepper CAN’T do might be a shorter list, but we’ll spare you the long version and pepper our favorite usage tips below!

  • 1. Turn up the heat! Black Pepper is notoriously known for creating a warming sensation, thanks to constituents like limonene. On a chilly day, add a drop to your lotion and rub onto your hands and feet.

  • 2. Spritz a relaxing scent. This oil might be peppy, but it adds a sophisticated spin to this cozy blend of oils. Ready to settle in for the night with a book or favorite show? Let peaceful vibes flow with this simple room spray filled with soothing essential oil scents.

    8 ounces water

    4 drops Lavender essential oil

    3 drops Vetiver essential oil

    3 drops Black Pepper essential oil