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Summer is in full swing which means it’s the perfect time to switch those heavy breakfasts for something sweet, cold, and healthy! Learn how to make your very own acai bowl from home and save yourself a trip to your local cafe. Best of all, they are quick and easy to make.

Acai berries are high in antioxidants and make a great base for smoothie bowls. They are naturally tart so you’ll need to sweeten them with fruit, bananas add a lot of sweetness and if you like try adding a little maple syrup, honey or agave syrup to taste. The Lemon essential oil adds a bright taste – you’ll want to keep it on hand for almost anything you whip up!

TIP You can use any combination of fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, chia seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips, granola and other dried cereals that you enjoy to top your acai bowls. Try adding a little dairy or coconut yoghurt. Get creative!

You can also add a shot of NingXia Red into your Acai Bowl to provide a whole-body nutrient infusion!

NOTE You’ll need approx. 100gm of frozen acai puree (allowed to thaw under warm running water for a minute or two). You can find frozen acai packages in the freezer section of your health food store and many major markets.