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As the weather heats up this is the perfect cool dish! It’s fresh and there’s no cooking involved unless you choose to lightly steam some of the veggies. You can make the bowls ahead and add the salmon and dressing right before serving, remember to leave space for the salmon in the bowl.

Chef Kate’s TIP I’ve used cooked sweet potato noodles (available from Eco Farms) or you can use cooked rice noodles or cooked rice. You’ll need approx. 1 cup of noodles or rice for each bowl or leave them out and add more veggies.

You can substitute the salmon for cooked prawn or chicken pieces. For a vegetarian/vegan option try using firm tofu cut into bite-size pieces or cooked sweet potato slices or cubes.

Note:  I’ve chosen these veggies for their vibrant colours and texture…you can use your favourites and what you have on hand in the fridge. For this dish I have used smoked salmon, but fresh sushi grade salmon or tuna are great too if you can get them from your fish monger. The amount of veggies and fish are a guide for you, use more or less if you desire.