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ANZAC biscuits are a traditional Aussie and Kiwi recipe which originated during WW1. These tasty biscuits are quick and easy to make, plus they are the perfect mix of chewiness and crunch! I have altered the traditionally recipe by adding my own healthy twist making them gluten -free. There’s a good amount of sea salt and coconut sugar in my recipe, which gives them an amazing caramel flavour.

TIP If you are not glute-sensitive you can use regular oats and flour if you like. The recipe is great on its own, but for a change try adding one or more of the optional additions. You can also divide the raw dough in half and add some of the ingredients to part of the mixture. If you add some of the additions the dough will yield more cookies.

NOTE You can use coconut oil in place of butter, but the cookies spread a bit more and the consistency is a little dryer. I’ve made them both ways and they are great! You can use a cookie sheet, which has no sides or a baking sheet, which has short sides for this recipe.