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Pavlova is an iconic dessert in Australia and New Zealand.  It was created in the 1920’s for the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova who toured both countries in 1926 and has been loved ever since.

The tangerine oil adds a lovely citrus burst of flavour to the cream and goes great with the fruit! If you are pressed for time may I suggest buying your pavlova bases (readily available in Australian and New Zealand stores) and just making the Tangerine Cream and adding fresh fruit.

Chef Kate TIP You can use any fruit you like for topping the pavlovas. I have used tangerine pieces along with the other fruit as it goes great with the tangerine oil infused whipped cream topping. You can also use Greek-style yoghurt in place of the whipped cream, for a low-fat option.

NOTE Here are a few tips I’ve come across for making pavlova: It’s better to make them on a dry day, in a very clean and dry bowl. Use eggs that are little older, at room temperature and don’t over beat them.

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