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These chicken fajita kebabs are delicious and easy to create!  The Mexican spices and oils really bring out the flavours.  If you are in a hurry you can simply make the chicken fajita kebabs in a frying pan by adding a little oil in a medium hot pan and cooking until the chicken is cooked through for approx.  8 – 10 minutes. Then remove the chicken form the pan and set aside and cook the veggies in the same pan adding a little more oil. When cooked plate it all together on a platter or in a bowl and serve with warm tortillas, guacamole and a salad.

NOTE: For a vegetarian option try using cubes of baked firm tofu (1 package) or 2 medium sweet potatoes that have been marinated for 30 minutes, then baked in a 180-degree oven until cooked through. The tofu should take a little less time than the sweet potatoes to bake.

Chef Kate TIP: If using wooden or bamboo skewers soak them for 20 minutes in water before using to prevent them burning on the grill.