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This traditional pavlova dessert is a favourite for the holidays!

If you are pressed for time you can buy your meringue pavlova base (readily available in Australian and New Zealand supermarkets) and just make the Spiced Cream and Berry Coulis and add fresh fruit. Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark and Ginger culinary oils add a warm festive flavour!

Here are a few tips I’ve come across for making meringue: it’s better to make them on a dry day, in a very clean and dry bowl. Use eggs that are little older, at room temperature and don’t over beat them. A low temperature oven is used more for drying out meringue, rather than baking them.

Chef Kate TIP: You can use any fruit you like for topping the pavlova. I have not given specific amounts for the fruit so use as much as you like of each kind. I’ve chosen red coloured fruit/berries/seeds as they look really festive. If you can find red plums they are wonderful too. You can also use Greek/coconut yoghurt in place of the whipped cream, if you prefer.


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