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This is a quick, simple and really yummy dish that feels like you’re having a treat for breakfast! Make the recipe your own by adding some of the Additional Options or come up with a few of your own favourites. Adding the Protein Powder gives this breakfast a healthy nutritional boost and tastes great too. You can also use Young Living’s other flavour, Vanilla Spice Pure Protein Complete™ in place of the chocolate flavour or combine the two…it’s up to you.

NOTE You can prep all the dry ingredients and wet ingredients the evening before just keep them separate until you are ready to make the dish and bake it. This will save you precious time in the morning or you can make the recipe a day or two ahead and re-heat portions before serving. It’s even yummy served chilled with yoghurt, berries and a few nuts and seeds. If you feel like being a bit fancy you could serve it in layers in a lovely clear glass or bowl as a breakfast parfait.

To make a parfait layer a little baked oatmeal, then sweetened yoghurt then berries and repeat until the glass or bowl are as full as you desire. Then drizzle with a little maple syrup or honey (optional, to taste) and top with a few seeds, nuts and shredded coconut and you have a great dish for a special breakfast or brunch.