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These banana bread muffins smell divine when they are baking! They are packed full of healthy delicious ingredients that are sure to please. This is the perfect addition to a family picnic or even some Sunday morning baking! For a wonderful flavour boost, you can try adding some extras to the batter such as berries or chocolate chips. If you have little ones, why not make is an afternoon activity, let them get in on the fun and pick what they would like to add into the muffins.

The recipe includes Young Living’s Nutmeg Essential Oil. Nutmeg comes from an evergreen tree that’s indigenous to Indonesia, and has a warm, spicy aroma that is energising and uplifting. Nutmeg blends well with other oils such as Orange, Clary Sage, any Eucalyptus, and Ginger. Steam distilled from the fruit and seeds of the tree, Nutmeg essential oil has a sweet and distinctly spicy taste, making it both a powerful and versatile essential oil. It is particularly good to enhance flavour,  whether it’s baked into spice cake or blended into tea, this pungent spice offers a warm, nostalgic taste and aroma.

TIP You can use this recipe to make one banana loaf. For decoration, you can also top the muffins or a banana loaf with  sliced bananas or walnut pieces.

NOTE This banana bread muffin recipe can be made vegan by substituting the eggs with chia seed eggs.

*To make 3 chia eggs for this recipe mix 3 tbsp finely ground chia seeds with ½ cup water and stir well. Then allow to thicken for at least 15 minutes before using.