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This is a really easy recipe to tackle for a healthy weeknight dinner, or great to serve when you have guests. The creamy sauce is full of flavour and the Jade Lemon essential oil adds a wonderful burst of citrus to this dish. The sauce is also great served over veggies or chicken. For a heartier dish, serve with roasted or mashed potatoes or rice.

Jade Lemon™ adds a wonderfully bright flavour and invigorates the senses. The essential oil serves as a surprisingly delicious ingredient in baked treats, Jade Lemon™ can liven up any recipe that can benefit from a citrusy kick of character.

TIP: The cashews will need to be soaked at least 1 hour to overnight for this recipe, so you may need to plan ahead. You could make the sauce a day ahead and gently heat just before you are ready to serve the fish.

NOTE You can use any sturdy white fish like halibut, tilapia or cod or this recipe. An alternative option can also be using salmon or prawns. For a vegetarian option try baking sliced pieces of tofu in place of the fish or veggies such as sweet potato, potatoes, capsicum and zucchini.