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There’s nothing better than a delicious mouth-watering pie that is full of nutrition and you can indulge in guilt-free! Any remaining slices can be savored as a breakfast treat when paired with yogurt and fresh fruit. You can also create a luscious parfait by layering pie pieces with sweetened whipped cream or yogurt in a glass, finishing with a dollop of whipped cream and a scattering of berries on top. 

NingXia Red is a blend of superfruit juices and pure Orange, Yuzu, Lemon and Tangerine essential oils. Enjoy NingXia Red daily to energise, fortify and revitalise the body and support overall wellness from head to toe.

TIP The berries I’ve chosen for the recipe are a suggestion, if you prefer one kind of berry or different berries feel free to create your oven berrilicious filling. You’ll need approx. 4½ cups of berries for the pie, enough to fill the pie crust. Blackberries are also great in pies if you can find them fresh or frozen. 

NOTE You can use fresh berries or frozen, but if using frozen berries thaw them first in a strainer/colander to remove excess liquid. I’ve suggested using cornstarch; however, you can use another thickening agent if you prefer like arrowroot. Depending on the mixture of your berries you may need to add a little more cornstarch or NingXia in step 2 of the method. You can make your own pie crust or buy one.