Are Citrus Oils Safe for Your Teeth?

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With the ongoing debate about the effects of citrus oils on tooth enamel, we decided to find answers for ourselves! Led by Dr. Michael Buch, former section president of the American Association of Dental Research and Young Living Vice President of Research and Development and Product Management, along with his team, performed a laboratory analysis to determine if Young Living’s pure citrus essential oils affected tooth enamel similarly to citrus juices.

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Now that you’ve got the facts, which of our delicious citrus Vitality essential oils will you be adding to your next recipe? Let us know in the comments!


  • Margit

    I use lemon oil in my coconutoilbased toothpaste.

  • Beachmomontherun

    Cool article! I wish YL would get their studies in peer reviewed journals to show the world that we are legit!! Are there any discussions about that? Go science!

    • Hello! Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! We will forward your suggestion on for future consideration. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kathy Osborn

    Thank you so much for this article. I have illnesses that need a more alkaline diet. This showed me the alkaline vs/ acid. Even though this is for teeth, it is much needed info for my diet.

  • Pam Evans

    I would like to see the full research methods with specific measures i.e. Ratios. Also what is the impact of 1 pH shift on tooth enamel? Was the research peer reviewed?

    • Hello Pam, The study referenced in this post is a simple study that was done in-house to compare the pH of water, water with citrus oil added, and water with citrus juice added. The exact testing methods are proprietary.

      To reiterate, we found that the citrus essential oils tested only caused minimal pH changes to the water confirming that citrus essential oils should not cause acid erosion. Another important point to remember, unlike citrus juices, essential oils do not contain citric acid which is what makes citric acid acidic. If you have additional concerns, please discuss this subject further with your dentist. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Templeton

      Pam it looks like their test would be very simple to recreate at home! All you need is litmus paper, citrus, and the corresponding oil. You can find litmus testing paper for a few dollars at department stores.

      An experiment such as this would not be submitted to a peer reviewed journal, as all it is is mixing these two liquids with water and testing ph.

      If the oils dropped the pH down to 6 (from a neutral of 7) then that would be the equivalent pH of most grains that are consumed 🙂

      Hope this helped.

  • Barbara

    My new favorite is Jade Lemon Vitality oil but I change it up every few days using all of the citrus vitality oils. I have a glass water bottle that I add the oils to. Because of motion the oils disperse throughout the water mixing very well without floating on top.

  • HisHandmaiden

    This is really good to know! I’m drinking water enhanced with Slique today. Love Citrus Fresh blend and all of the individual citrus flavors too. As a person who has multiple dental issues, this information brings me comfort that I am not further damaging my teeth by consuming citrus flavored oils. <3

  • fallyn

    From what I learned when I worked as a dental assistant is that when sugar collides with acid, that’s when you get problem. Cut the sugar!

  • Thank you for such nice article. I always fear that lemon type fruits damage my teeth enamel. Though I love orange and lemonade in summer.

  • Dawn

    How do you add these oils to water? Doesn’t it just separate out?

    • Young Living

      Hi Dawn, As it is true that water and oil do not mix, when adding it to the water you are still able to taste the flavor as well and getting the intended benefit. We hope this is useful. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Dawn, shake or stir your water very well before each sip 😉

    • Linda Jo Jackson Cottros

      I like to drop my oil in my glass first before adding the water. It doesn’t mix, but I feel it “coats” the walls of my glass.

  • Celeste Lohr

    Will using oils while brushing cause damage to crowns

    • Young Living

      Hi Celeste, Thanks for stopping by! We feel that if label directions are followed there should be no problem using them with crowns. However we would recommend speaking your dentist prior.

    • Young Living

      Hi Celeste, Thanks for stopping by! We feel that if label directions are followed there should be no problem using them with crowns. However we would recommend speaking your dentist prior to using Essential Oils.

  • Love adding lemon or lime vitality to steamed veggies!

    • Really it works awesome.

  • Tracy Thiem

    Thank you so much for addressing this question. I recently had a cavity filled. The material the dentist used is a “mixture of powdered glass and ‘plastic resin’.” I asked my dentist if he thought my filling could be compromised by essential oils. He did not know. I love drinking lemon water and would like to know if my filling is safe.

    • Young Living

      Hi Tracy, Thanks for your question. According to our research, essential oils should not affect your dental work. Please follow the safety and usage directions on the individual label. If you have further concerns about your filling, we suggesting seeking out the advise of a dentist that is familiar with essential oils.

      • Cait

        Anyone have a follow up consultation with a dentist who IS familiar with Essential Oils? I really want to use the toothpaste recipe (1/2 cup coconut oil, 2 tbs baking soda, 4 drops each of Lemon, Thieves, Peppermint Oils). I really need to be sure that my white composite fillings are safe– its very important that they don’t degrade at all (my dental insurance is tapped for this year).

        • Carm

          Hi, Cait

          Have you found out anything? I’m in the same situation.

  • Angela Crummett

    I love using Lemon Vitality in my water when I go out to eat at restaurants. It makes my meal much better .
    I carry it in my purse with me all the time now.

  • Lori Culbertson

    Would the citrus oils also be safe for those with dentures?

    • Young Living

      Hi Lori, Great question! If used according to the label directions, it should be fine to use essential oils with dentures. However, individuals may want to speak to a dentist for further assurance that their specific dentures would not be compromised.

  • Voshon Lyons

    I love citrus oils in my water! I will start incorporating them more in my daily routine!!

  • Genise

    I always use Lemon Vitality oil in my fresh guacamole. And it is great added to fresh scallops as well.

  • Denise Kelly

    Thanks for that useful information. I like to put grapefruit vitality oil in my water for a change of flavor. ( I get tired of plain water) Anyway I often wondered if it was going to hurt the enamel on my teeth so Thanks again !

  • This is really good information to have! Now when I add my lemon vitality oil to my water and people say “you shouldn’t do that” I have a great response!

  • Sherian McCoy

    Love this!!! I love Orange Vitality EO and Lime Vitalty EO in my water and tea and use Orange EO and Lime EO to diffuse. #heavenly

  • Carrie Baragwanath

    Thank You for this post. I was curious if the oil really had the same affect as the citrus juice on tooth enamel.
    I often have lemon vitality or grapefruit vitality oil in my water. Today I tried adding Lime vitality to my water. I have found a new Love!

  • Teresa Ivey

    Tangerine Vitality will be my next additive to my toothpaste!
    Thank you YL for sharing this information.

  • Shirley Stetson

    Not only do I put citrus vitality oils in my water daily, I often brush my teeth with a drop of one of the citrus vitality oils added to my toothpaste.
    I just had a cleaning and check up at my dentist’s the other day and was told “everything looks great. Keep doing what you are doing.”

  • Sharyl Sikora

    Jade Lemon Vitality

  • Shirley Stephison

    I added Lime Vitality to Greek Yogurt along with fresh cilantro to make a sauce to go with homemade fajitas. Yum!!!

  • Brandi Harrah

    This is so awesome to learn! Especially since I just started using two drops of Orange Vitality EO on my toothbrush with the Thieves Aromabright toothpaste.

  • Bonnie Kline

    I use lemon vitality daily in water. Now I’ll be carrying it in my purse to use when eating out!

    • Susan

      That’s what I was just thinking instead of having the fresh lemon slices!

  • Donna McGovern

    I Love orange Vitality and add to my coffee, scones, make an orange vinaigrette and have even sauteed shrimp with it! ( I think I have an addiction, )lol! My new favorite is lime vitality on my popcorn though!

  • Robin

    ALL the citrus vitality oils are my favorite in water!! I’m looking forward to making my own toothpaste with orange vitality oil 🙂

  • Cyndy

    Thank Goodness for this report, because I add orange vitality eo to my thieves toothpaste.

  • Catherine

    Perfect! Glad to hear. I was wanting to use orange vitality this way but I was hesitant!! Thanks YL

  • Georgia Watson

    They are all great. Tangerine Vitality is a favorite!

  • I will continuey routine of adding Lemon Vitality, Grapefruit Vitality, Orange Vitality & more recently Lime Vitality & Tangerine Vitality to my purified water & apple juice!

  • Julie

    Love them all!

    I’ve used lime Vitality, lemon Vitality, tangerine Vitality, grapefruit Vitality, and orange Vitality in a variety of ways.

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