All About Jasmine [Infographic]

26 April 3, 2017 - At Home, Diffusion Ideas, Emotional Wellness, Essential Oils, Hair care, How to Use Essential Oils, Infographics, Personal Care, Skin care, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

Jasmine has a magical ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Its sweet, floral aroma can transform daily rituals—like bath and bedtime—into luxurious and relaxing refuges from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Find out more about how Jasmine oil can enhance your life with this infographic.

All About Jasmine Infographic


What’s your favorite way to use Jasmine? Let us know in the comments!

  • Kerrie

    Hi I was wondering if any research is put into the selection of plant photos for the info graphics? The plant pictured is not Jasmine officianale. It is , I believe, Philedelphus lewisii, commonly called Mock Orange.
    I love Jasmine by the way.

    • Hello Kerrie. Our photos are picked out by the Design team and they make sure that all images are on brand. However, we can chat with them about making sure that we get the correct species of flowers or plants in the future, while still maintaining brand and our aesthetic appeal. Thanks so much for your suggestion. We always appreciate any advice on how to improve the blog.

  • May Brsheim

    I am going to do this. I love Jasmine. Could you make lotion with this. any recipes for the lotion

    • Hello May. Yes, you can add the Jasmine essential oil to any of the lotions that you choose to make. Jasmine is great for beautifying and helping to tone the skin. Have fun experimenting!

  • Frances Neuvirth

    How do I order a product?

    • Young Living

      Hi Frances, Please feel free to contact us via telephone at 1-800-371-3515 to talk to a Representative or by email at, or our Live Help feature at for more information on how to being ordering. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Laura Merschman

      Francis, if you have not ordered I would be happy to help! Want to talk about young Lipving Essential oils can hange your life? Email me at

  • Diffuse in jewelry & diffuser, wear as perfume. If I can’t afford to get Jasmine, Ylang Ylang smells so much like jasmine I use that. Jasmine has forever been my favorite flower – so intoxicating.

  • I also use it as a perfume, but my favorite way has been to diffuse and rub it on the inside of my ankles, with clary sage, during my last two labor and deliveries. I had nurses walking by the room numerous times because of the amazing smell!

  • Emily

    Used to make a foaming hand soap!! Smells amazing and leaves hands super silky

  • Dorothy Hall

    I just started using it in my DIY Facial Serum and LOVE IT. While grocery shopping a couple of days ago I had a lady nearby comment… “Boy someone smells really good!”

    • Cynthia Zirbes

      Do you mind sharing your recipe?

  • Doro

    I just started using it in my DIY Facial Serum and LOVE IT. While grocery shopping a couple of days ago I had a lady nearby comment… “Boy someone smells really good!”

  • Selena

    5 Drops Lime
    2 Drops Sandalwood
    1 Drop Jasmine

    Add with carrier oil to Rollerball
    My Signature Scent!

    • Pam

      Just put this in my diffuser to try. Love it!

  • Dee Chittum Smith

    My absolute favorite!! Calms my soul.

  • Sarah Wallace

    I love the scent! I mix a drop with some coconut oil and rub it on as a daily lotion!

  • In my hair. 1 drop and I get a hint of Jasmine all day.

  • Amy Schweizer

    I diffuse with Royal Hawaiian Sandlewood which unfortunately I can no longer buy 🙁

  • Kristen

    I enjoyed using it when I was in labor. The smell was very pleasant and helped to distract from the labor process. Definitely made you want to take those nice deep breaths!

  • Carol Park

    I wear it on my essential oil bracelet. Always get compliments.

  • Perfume!

  • Tami

    As a perfume. Love the smell

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