A Close Shave: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Smoothest Skin Ever

8 December 3, 2015 - At Home, Hair care, New, Personal Care, Product Announcements, Skin care, Wellness, Young Living Personal Care

December is here, and many men are planning on saying goodbye to their No-Shave November beards. Are you getting ready to go clean-shaven? Go beyond giving your face a quick buzz with the electric razor and follow our five tips for a close, silky-smooth shave.

  1. Exfoliation is for guys, too:

    Clear any buildup on your skin by lightly exfoliating your face before you shave. Try using a small amount of baking soda or our Satin Facial Scrub, Mint.

  1. A Close Shave with Young LivingTemperature matters:

    Shaving on cold, dry skin won’t do your skin any favors. Hair can absorb moisture up to 30 percent of its volume, so make sure to soften the hair you’re shaving with plenty of warm water. Try shaving toward the end of a shower or immediately after.

  1. Products matter:

    When shaving, it’s important to select a product that helps your razor properly glide to avoid razor drag, nicks, and skips. Young Living recently launched two new shaving products: Shutran™ Shave Cream and Mirah™ Shave Oil. Although both of these products provide a close, comfortable shave, they meet different shaving needs.

    Shutran Shave Cream is a blend of masculine-smelling essential oils combined with palm, grape seed, and olive oils designed to hydrate and smooth the appearance of skin. Mirah Shave Oil is a rich blend of exotic oils, emollients, and botanical ingredients designed to help hydrate skin and reduce razor drag, nicks, and bumps.

    Pick your product, spread it over the areas to be shaved, and then let it sit on your skin for a minute or two to properly absorb and prepare your skin for shaving.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Young Living Shutran Shave Cream

  1. Use the right tools:

    Using a dull razor is the quickest way to get razor burn. Avoid the irritation and make sure to use a good quality razor, replacing your blade every 3–10 times you shave.

  1. A Close Shave with Young LivingPerfect the technique:

    With your new razor, shave in the direction your hair is growing. Shaving against the grain can give you a closer shave, but it increases your likelihood of getting razor burn and ingrown hairs—and no one wants that.

    Rinse your blade after every swipe to remove accumulated hair, shave product, and dead skin. Make sure to avoid pressing too hard on your razor or over-shaving the same area to prevent unnecessary irritation. When you’re done, wipe your face and look in the mirror. Now there’s that handsome face that’s been hiding all November long!

Shaving is just one important part of skin care for men. What are some of your grooming and skin care tips for keeping skin soft? Let us know in the comments!

  • Troy Vandeventer

    Link to Shutran Shave Cream is broken

    • The link is now working. Sorry for any convenience and thanks for stopping by!

  • Jay & Lori Haack

    Is there a brand of replacement razor for the one offered in Young Living’s Men’s Grooming Kit?

    • Young Living

      Hi Jay & Lori, The Gillette Mach 3 blade refills will fit the Men’s Grooming Kit Razor. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Jaenelle

    I really love the scent of the Mirah Shave Oil. Is there any plan to offer Mirah as a blend like you have the Shutran oil?

  • Nicky

    Is the Mirah Shave Oil safe to use while pregnant? Thanks!

    • Young Living

      Hello Nicky, As with any medical condition it is recommended that you speak with your health care provider prior to adding the Mirah™ Shave Oil to your daily regimen during pregnancy. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Amber

    Is there an estimated time when the Mirah Shave oil will be back in stock? I bought it for the first time last month and we LOVE it, but the bottle is so small i feel like we will need more real quick. Trying to order but sadly out of stock :(!

    • Hi Amber, Great news! The Mirah Shave Oil is back in stock. In the future, please refer to the Out of Stock List in the Member Resources section of Virtual Office for more information on the projected availability dates of out of stock items. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Les

    What happened to Mirah Shave oil?

    • Hi Les, Mirah Shave Oil has been temporarily removed from our product listing because it may be out of stock for an extended period of time due to supply constraints.

  • Mary

    Used my new Mirah Shave Oil for the first time today. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. Not only did I get a super smooth shave, but my legs were touchably soft too. It makes me look forward to shaving! Thank you Young Living!

  • Don’t forget your men this holiday season. I love unique shave products that will help keep skin moisturized in the winter. Plus, who doesn’t like to watch a man shave?

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