Whether you can’t get enough cola or are always rooting for some root beer, now might be the perfect time to tell those sugary cravings to can it! Stop being soda-pendent on pop culture by mixing up one of these blends, so you can enjoy a delicious scent without worrying about those unfriendly artificial ingredients. Grab your sweet-smelling essential oils and pop them in your diffuser for some sugar-free satisfaction!

Root Beer diffuser blend 

Sweet but with plenty of sass, root beer’s complex flavor has been an American favorite for more than a century. This rich diffuser blend is reminiscent of backyard barbecues and the roar of baseball games! PanAway® essential oil blend’s sharpness combines with sweet and tart Citrus Fresh™ for a soda-lightful scent.

4 drops Citrus Fresh 4 drops PanAway

Cream Soda diffuser blend

Cream soda is reliably light and refreshing. Whether it’s taking the spotlight during movie night or center stage during lunchtime, this blend is an undeniable classic! Get that dreamy, creamy scent by mixing the bright notes of Orange and Stress Away™ with the energizing scent of Peppermint and a dash of Copaiba.

4 drops Stress Away 2 drops Copaiba 2 drops Orange 1 drop Peppermint

Ginger Ale diffuser blend

Mellow and mysterious, ginger ale keeps a low profile but has a tantalizing citrus flavor. This diffuser blend—a blast of lime and ginger—is a must for pre-flight prep or post-flight unpacking. Say hello to instant vacation vibes when you diffuse this sweet scent! Mix Lime and Citrus Fresh with a pop of Ginger and Wintergreen to fill your space with this ginger ale-inspired blend.