What’s bright, fresh, and green all over? You guessed it—herbs! We’ve taken those botanicals and turned them into herbal essential oils, so you can enjoy their benefits directly from the bottle.

Many of the herbaceous oils on this list have been used throughout history, thanks to their refreshing scents and the ability to do everything from clear out musty smells to cool sun-kissed skin.

Ready to get your greens on? Let’s grow!

Basil essential oil

Also found in: Aroma Siez™ essential oil blend, M-Grain™ essential oil blend, Raindrop Technique® Essential Oil Collection
Fun fact: The basil plant is sometimes referred to as St. Joseph’s Wort, great basil, European basil, French basil, common basil, or sweet basil.
What sets it apart: Basil essential oil has a fragrance that’s equal parts crisp, floral, and spicy.

How to use Basil essential oil

  • Diffuse with Cypress and Lemon for a fresh-cut grass smell reminiscent of summer days spent turning cartwheels in the front yard.
  • Take your homemade pasta sauce or lasagna from basic to basically awesome with a drop of Basil Vitality™.
  • Wake up your senses before you walk out the door with a drop of Basil oil in your shampoo first thing in the morning.
Basil essential oil