10 Modern Uses for the Oils of Ancient Scripture [Infographic]

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Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and Israelites have all been documented as proponents of essential oils, but did you know that we can also trace certain essential oils to the Bible itself? Our Oils of Ancient Scripture set contains 10 of these oils, each with modern benefits that you can use in your own home. Always check the essential oil’s label for usage instructions before application.

Biblical Oils Infographic

For more information on the The Oils of Ancient Scripture set, visit this link.

Which oil in this collection are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!  

  • Terry Call

    2 questions: How do you pronounce Onycha? & why isn’t Cassia sold seperately?

    • Young Living

      Hi Terry, Onycha is pronounced \ˈänə̇kə\. Cassia is only available in the Ancient Scripture Collection. We do not have specific information available to provide for why we do not offer this oil individually; however, it is typically due to a lack of demand or insufficient supply that meets our high-quality standards. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kari Hartman

    Limiting my choice to just one is rough, as I’d like the effects of all of them. But if I’m only to choose one, Myrtle would be that one. Frankincense has been my longstanding favorite, though.

  • They all sound wonderful, but if I had to choose just one it would be myrtle. Thank you for the article!

  • Kim

    I would love slides that go w the new kit- if anyone had any.

  • Kendra D Watts

    Just ordered this for F R E E today!!

  • Debra B Arpe

    I am teaching Oils of Ancient Scripture Classes in Texas, I can be reached at debraarpe@yahoo.com. for private classes. Frankincense is my favorite of these oils.

    • Jane

      Where in Tx are you?

  • Karlyn Abdalla

    I absolutely LOVE the smell of Rose of Sharon (Cistus)! The smell is super amazing!

  • Sherri

    Onycha bco its ability to allow a deeper spiritual awareness! I didnt know YL sold this.

  • Paula Coffey

    Myrtle, looks like the one I would choose to try!

  • Maria Coombs

    Wish it was the 12 oils again

    • Loved the 12 EOs for years, too, JanieB in Long Beach, CA

  • Lori K. Wilcox

    Thank you!!!

  • Lori

    I would love to try the Rose of Sharon! I love their flowers!

  • Vee

    I have had my kit for some time but it has 12 oils in it–Does the new kit only have 10 oils in it???

    • Young Living

      Hi Vee, You are correct Spikenard and Galbanum are no longer available with no prospective return date. The availability of the products has diminished because we are in the process of performing a supply chain assessment of the oils at this time. We greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure that our supply chain complies with Young Living’s standard of 100% compliance and superior quality.

  • This is so awesome thank you. I love here in Utah and many church organizations have been hiring me to teach my class on Healing Oils of the Bible. This is such a great resource for me to make as a handout. Wow! came at such a great time

  • Kelebogile Emmanuel Mosarwe

    Interesting is hyssop essential oil, ok thats a revelation about oils and how thay can be applies

  • Melissa Watson

    Hyssop sounds like one I would want to try. But I think this info graphic is very interesting in general and know hubby loves the smell of frankencense.

  • Marsha Schmutz

    Thanks for this blog,with the Bible reference.

  • d

    How do I share these on Facebook – when i click the share – they don’t share and when I click the little f for the facebook share at the top they don’t share either

    • You can share the link by simply copy the URL of the blog post that you want and then pasting it into your post on Facebook. Hope that helps!

  • Peggy Snell

    I want to try Myrtle. I have already tried many of the others. Ideally, would like the complete set.

  • Frankincense

  • Michele Hernandez

    Can any of this info –Blogs– be copied and pasted or shared on my FB page???

    • Hey Michele! Yes, all you have to do is copy the URL of the blog page that you want to post, and then paste it in your Facebook post. The blog post can then be shared to Facebook easily. Hope that helps!

  • Leslie Hancock

    What happened to Galbanum essential oil? It used to be part of the Ancient Oils collection. Is it not being made any longer? Will it ever be available again? I use it when I meditate and I would miss it if we can not get it anymore. Is there a good substitute for it?

    • Young Living

      Galbanum is currently unavailable with no prospective return date. The availability of the product has diminished because we are in the process of performing a supply chain assessment of Galbanum at this time. It was also removed from the Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection. We greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure that our supply chain complies with Young Living’s standard of 100% compliance and superior quality. Recommended Alternatives:
      Elemi, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Sacred Frankincense

  • Cheryl Robi son

    I would LOVE to try the Oils of the Bible Collection!

  • Sherrie Amerson

    For me, I would love to try the Rose of Sharon!!

  • Darlene Pavone

    I want the whole set! Royal Hawaiian Sandlewood & Cistus are 2 that I am really excited to use!

  • Linda Lesterhouse

    All of them!

  • Evelyn Lim

    Myrtle is the oil I like to try as experience hard time in the morning to wake up for a day.

  • Sheila Hanson

    I am interested in trying Frankincence.

  • Carol Manning

    Hyssop, Myrrh, and Sandalwood!

  • Cindy Brown

    All of them!!!

  • Aloes!

  • Kleo K

    Myrtle. Why? It’s that kick that I need to get me moving. Maybe it’s that kick we all need to get moving.

    Rose of Sharon. Why? I like honey and beeswax scents. I add beeswax to most of my homemade cremes now and to all of my lip balms. The therapeutic effect is out
    of this world when combined with the YL oils and other natural ingredients.

    Myrrh. Why? This is an essential oil no home should be without. I wait for the day that I will be able to afford to purchase this oil among oils. I have a diluted roller ball sample from a friend. It’s a respected and loved oil that takes you on that journey of journeys….

  • Emilie

    Bring back Spikenard! Oh how I miss it!

  • Linda

    I would like to try Rose of Sharon – reminds me of a hymnal we sing at worship services!

  • Beverly johnson

    Ooh this collection sounds so wonderful and it was hard to pick one oil to try but I would love to try Onycha

  • Tammy Tahour

    Most excited to try Rose of Sharon. It is on my to get list.

  • SO GLAD I finally got this awesome collection!! FREE even, with my Essential Reward BONUS POINTS!! 🙂

  • Twyla K K Chapman

    I would love to try the Aloes!

  • Lauren M

    Cassia since it can not be bought separately! 😊

  • Tracy McCullough


  • Dejah Snead

    I really want to try the Rose of Sharon oil, as that particular plant holds a very personal meaning in my life.

  • Georgia Watson

    Cassia is awesome

  • Georgia Watson

    Cassia is pretty amazing

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