Holiday Launch 2020

Get your wish lists out! You can shop the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide on November 9 at 9 a.m., MT. All items are still in stock, so the gifts and goodies you’ve had your eye on will still be there.*

To allow a better shopping experience—one that can support thousands of shoppers at one time—we’ll use a queueing system for our Holiday Gift Guide relaunch. The queue, which activates only when a certain number of shoppers browse the site, allows us to manage traffic while reducing the risk of overloading the site. Because all markets operate on the same website, the queueing system will activate globally and remain active until the volume of shoppers drops.

How does the queue work? Glad you asked!

If the queue is activated, a waiting page will pop up. You can leave your browser open and wait, or you can enter your email address to receive a notification when it’s your turn to shop. Once you receive your email notification, you will be redirected to the VO to log in and start shopping!

We will leave the queue up indefinitely to prevent future site failures. Read more about what to expect in the Holiday Relaunch FAQs in your Virtual Office.

Did you miss the Holiday Launch 2020 event? Watch now at and (Spanish).

*Inventory is limited and may sell out. Due to shipping timelines, some items that sell out will become available later, while others will not.

Click here for the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Price List.
Watch now at and (Spanish).