Okinawa Farm

The Okinawa Farm is located on the island of Okinawa and specializes in the cultivation of shell ginger, long used in traditional Okinawan medicine. The farm lies at the foot of subtropical mountains within an untouched landscape filled with incredible biodiversity and unrivaled, high-quality soil.

Prior to the purchase of the Okinawa Farm property, the soil was tested for more than 350 chemical components and heavy metals to ensure that the shell ginger grown on this unique Japanese shell ginger farm would be pristine and free from contamination.

Dr. Je Tae Woo, the heart of the Okinawa Farm’s operations and a leading shell ginger researcher, is hard at work establishing a laboratory where scientists will conduct a variety of research on the properties of Shell Ginger essential oil, as well as perform the rigorous quality testing on site that defines our Seed to Seal® quality commitment.

The Young Living farm team is actively creating partnerships with the Okinawa government, neighboring universities, and the local community to create systems that will ensure the farm contributes to the Seed to Seal values of conservation, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, and economic development of the area.
Oil from this farm:
Shell Ginger Essential Oil

Arabian Frankincense Distillery — Muscat, Oman

The limestone cliffs of Oman’s Dhofar Mountains provide the perfect environment for the frankincense tree to grow, and Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to distill and export Omani Sacred Frankincense oil and bring it into the Western world. The Boswellia sacra trees in this region carry a rich history, having been harvested for the past 5,000 years. Today, their resin is harvested by the same method and on the same schedule as their ancestors, so they continue this centuries-old story.
Oil from this farm:
Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

Taiwan Cooperative Farm — Taichung, Taiwan

This cooperative farm is actually made up of smaller individual farm operations that each focus on different oils. Like each unique operation, each oil has its own story and background that include its preservation, generational history and family significance, and the ingenuity and innovation necessary to create it.
Oils from this farm:
Jade Lemon Essential Oil | Hong Kuai Essential Oil | Xiang Mao Essential Oil | Camphor Wood Essential Oil

Happy Pili Tree Farm — Bicol Region, Philippines

Chosen as a partner farm because of its ethical and conscientious harvesting methods, the Happy Pili Tree Farm is Young Living’s main supplier of Elemi essential oil. With expertise on how to legally and sustainably source this precious plant and provide fair wages to workers, the farm protects natural resources and helps ensure long-term viability of high-quality Elemi essential oil. The farm has also vertically integrated the production process by building a distillery on site, keeping job opportunities and expertise within the community.

Kalipay Coconut Farm — Philippines

The Kalipay Coconut Farm is located in the lush, tropical landscape of the Philippines. Kalipay provides Young Living with our main source of coconut oil. We chose Kalipay because it shares YL’s passion for giving back and supports communities by donating a portion of its profits every year to help fight generational poverty through education, leadership, and technology scholarship programs. The Kalipay Coconut Farm also uses green chemistry, a new discipline that helps to use resources efficiently and eliminate waste in the production process.
V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex

Ningxia Wolfberry Farm and Distillery — Ningxia, China

The Ningxia Wolfberry Farm and Distillery is located in Ningxia, China. The region hosts a diverse geography: forested mountains and hills, deserts, flood plains, and basins carved by the Yellow River. The significant irrigation from the river supports the production of wolfberries, wolfberry puree, and wolfberry seed oil important in YL’s popular NingXia Red® line and other products.
NingXia Red | NingXia Zyng