Crown Diamond

Sabina DeVita

Sabina DeVita is passionate about her private practice clinic, teaching seminars, and enlightening people about health truths. “I empower others by furthering their knowledge,” she says. “I love to learn and consider myself an ongoing student of life.” Her other hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing with her husband, and family gatherings filled with laughing, singing, and fine dining. Sabina has authored several books that feature her research on Young Living’s skin care products. Her journey to wellness began as a result of her research. “My doctoral studies led me to search for natural wellness companies, and I discovered Young Living,” she says. “I built my Young Living business as I continued healing from personal illnesses.” Despite criticism and other setbacks, Sabina relied on personal mentors and mottos such as: “Where there is vision, people flourish!” By sticking to her vision, she now experiences the overall freedom she has always dreamed of. “This business grew slowly but steadily because I believe that whatever you choose to think becomes your reality,” she says. Sabina is proof of the power of personal vision. **For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclosure Statement.