Royal Crown Diamond

Carla & Bill Green

Carla and Bill Green like to spend their time exploring the great outdoors, traveling the world, and dancing every opportunity they get. Bill loves motorcycles and has even been known to motorcycle from their home in Alberta, Canada, to Salt Lake City to help raise funds for the Young Living Foundation. They are passionate about empowering others to, as they put it, “take charge of their health and find financial success.” While raising their four children, who also joined Young Living, Bill and Carla made the decision to always keep one parent home, no matter the financial sacrifices. Carla explains, “Knowing that our kids and other parents can use Young Living to stay at home is what makes my heart sing.”

Helping others reach financial freedom is the Greens’ way of paying it forward. “We’ve always been giving people,” Bill says, “but with Young Living, we’re able to give so much more.”