Royal Crown Diamond

Adam & Vanessa Green

This couple has experienced opportunities and adventures to last a lifetime, traveling to more than 30 countries, and they greatly attribute their successes to Young Living. “Our career with Young Living has given us the opportunity to live life full out, in every stage of life,” Adam says. “We just welcomed our first son, William, to the world and have the freedom to both be at home for these precious moments of life.” As many Young Living members have found, both Adam and Vanessa agree that one of the greatest blessings of this business is working with others and helping them succeed. “I enjoy having a purpose greater than myself,” Adam explains. “Being able to solidify our family’s financial future —our legacy for our growing family — while assisting others to do the same seems like a dream job.”

Financial independence began as a goal for Adam long ago. “Growing up, I was very fiscally responsible,” he says. Not only did he pay for his own college education, but he also purchased a house at 20 and paid off the mortgage by 25. “We want to continue helping others to become financially stable and free,” he says. Adam and Vanessa continue to inspire anyone they meet. “I have never felt a passion for a career like I have with Young Living,” Adam says. “It never feels like work when we are active out in the field, meeting members and families and sharing our story.” *