2017 Slique in 60 Winners

120 Day Winners

Amanda Wilson

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 72

Inches Lost: 47.5

Transformation Score*: 0.502

“This challenge has been amazing. My confidence has soared and my lifestyle is everything I want it to be. Our family is so active, it feels great to be able to teach our girls healthy habits and to be a positive role model for them.”

Shannon Mantooth

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 40.5

Inches Lost: 85.5

Transformation Score*: 0.690

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Slique Challenge. This opportunity from Young Living has changed my life! I started the challenge anticipating that I would lose a few clothing sizes, but never imagined that I could feel this good and be this weight again. Along with the changes in my physical appearance, I have more energy now than I have had in many years. My family has seen such an improvement in my attitude and energy level on a daily basis. They notice that I am happier and smile more often. The challenge required dedication, discipline and determination.”

Lynn Hougland

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 82.4

Inches Lost: 62

Transformation Score*: 0.595

“I cannot believe my transformation. When I started the challenge I had no energy and it felt like I was eating all the time. Slique products helped me feel full and not to be eating all the time because I do in home day care and I make the kids breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and then make my family supper. The products helped me not snack while making meals if I felt the need to munch I had a piece of Slique gum or drink a cup of tea. The Slique products gave me my energy back. Physically I feel great and can do so much more during my workouts and while I play with the daycare kiddos. I feel like I got my HAPPY back!”

Pierre Andrade

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 37.2

Inches Lost: 43

Transformation Score*: 0.395

“I learned that with discipline and determination, you can achieve your goals. The Slique Challenge was in fact challenging but the Slique products help overcome those bumps along the way. I feel a lot more energy throughout the day, sleep better, and am happy to fit in clothes I hadn't fit in since my high school days. I am thankful for Young Living helping me take control of my health and push me to be a better and healthier me!”

Doug Edwards

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 58

Inches Lost: 55

Transformation Score*: 0.415

“This has been incredible!! As you can see I lost 58LBS and I feel amazing!!!! I am 45 years old and I am almost down to the weight I was in 7th grade!! I have WAY more energy and believe it or not I am jogging!!! I still want to lose at least 15 more pounds because I really want to be out of the 200s!!! THANK YOU for this challenge!!! It has changed and saved my life!!!

Kenneth McPeek

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 47

Inches Lost: 13.25

Transformation Score*: 0.293

“I feel great, I got into a good routine of tracking food intake and exercise. Also began tracking sleep. Down fall I need to replace shirts and some pants. Long walks with the family made this real enjoyable.”

Phase 2 Winners

Allie Forystek

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 22

Inches Lost: 52

Transformation Score*: 0.400

“It was really hard at first, but after 20 days straight of eating healthy and working out it became a natural part of my daily routine. I just feel so much better and mostly I feel more confident in myself and have more energy. I completely changed my lifestyle and that was one of the biggest goals I set for myself. I think making the daily workout videos really motivated me because I didn't want to miss a video. This isn't the end for me, I set myself another 60 day goal and I will continue shedding this extra "2 under 2” baby weight! Thankful for this challenge and the community behind it to get me started.”

Erzsi Gemzsi

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 39

Inches Lost: 60

Transformation Score*: 0.372

“The challenge was great. I lowered my calorie intake, drank tons of water. I took the Slique caps and added Slique oil to my water. I started going to Zumba classes 2 times a week too!! The Slique really helped curb my appetite. I am so grateful that YL has amazing products to help us with every area of our life!! I feel so good!! I'm not stopping. I'm going to continue this journey to better health. I lost quite a bit but have much more to go. Even though this is the lightest I've been in 4 years. Thank you Young Living!!”

Gina Miller

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 20

Inches Lost: 26.5

Transformation Score*: 0.205

“It was very exciting to fit into clothes that were attractive and to feel good about myself. One of the most fun parts was seeing people's reactions and the double takes when I would walk into a room. I wish I had done the entire 120 challenge because I was over 200 last fall.”

Dillion Mallia

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 18

Inches Lost: 68

Transformation Score*: 0.500

“I am usually a very active person naturally. However, this challenge and products helped boost my weight loss to the next level. I was able to shred some excess belly fat that I had gained from sympathy eating during my wife's recent pregnancy! Overall I would totally recommend these products.”

Doug Edwards

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 28

Inches Lost: 18.5

Transformation Score*: 0.192

“I feel amazing and have more energy! I think my favorite part, honestly, was weighing every Monday morning and seeing the huge results. I used to dread the scale... would never even get on it. I also enjoyed posting my results and seeing the progress of others.”

John Magrane

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 29

Inches Lost: 20.5

Transformation Score*: 0.211

“I've wanted to lose weight for some time and was tired of my excuses. This challenge is just what I needed to motivate me. I'm going to continue and lose 25 more pounds. My lifestyle has improved with the daily routine of exercise, eating well and drinking lots of water with oils. I feel much better, and many have complimented me on the loss in weight. My favorite part was experimenting with the Slique smoothie combinations with fruits and vegetables.”

Results not typical. Typical results for Phase 2, 9.34 lbs and 10 inches. Typical results for 120 Day Contest, 23.2 lbs. and 23.1 inches.
Phase 1 Winners

Amanda Wilson

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 51

Inches Lost: 28.25

Transformation Score*: 0.332

“This challenge was great. My life is more active, my body is stronger, and I am more confident. Throughout the challenge, I loved knowing there was a community behind me cheering me on. I'm so thankful for the positive impact these 60 days have had on myself and my family.”

Pierre Andrade

Age Group: 18–35

Pounds Lost: 27

Inches Lost: 29

Transformation Score*: 0.276

“It was challenging at first. But as I started seeing positive results, it motivated me to try harder and keep making better decisions regarding everyday choices to better my health.”

Shannon Mantooth

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 18.5

Inches Lost: 49.5

Transformation Score*: 0.3172

I learned that I can do it! Transformed by eating healthy and adding exercise to reach my goal and the support was and is amazing. I love being able to check in everyday and all the helpful tips are great. I love YL for being here with me through this transformation. When I had no one else I had my YL family. I reached my phase 1 goal. I will be going into phase two for a new me in 2017. A Slique new me!!!

Matt McClanahan

Age Group: 36–50

Pounds Lost: 28

Inches Lost: 38.5

Transformation Score*: 0.268

“I was unhealthy in my normal daily activities. I didn't exercise and was not very active. I never weighed myself because I didn't want to face reality. It was at that point that I heard about the Slique in 60 Challenge. I worked out 5 days a week. Every week I felt a little healthier and it was much easier for me to be active. I think Slique helped me not want to eat the usual suspect that cause weight gain, like sugar and other processed foods. I am still using Slique and plan to lose more weight with it!”

Genesia Bennett

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 30

Inches Lost: 40

Transformation Score*: 0.321

“I have learned that staying consistent with healthy eating and exercise is life-changing! I sleep better and wake with a fog-free mind eager to start my day. I love seeing and feeling my body get leaner, stronger, and healthier each day! I also LOVE seeing my family follow my lead in better food choices, joining me in exercise and eager to try new things that will be life-changing for them as well! I am looking forward to the next 60 days, and I thank you for this challenge!”

Kenneth McPeek

Age Group: 50+

Pounds Lost: 37

Inches Lost: 12.5

Transformation Score*: 0.239

“This transformation has been great. I love the way I feel, and that I am wearing smaller sizes.”

To find out how the calculations were made to verify the winners, please review the full rules here.

We are excited to see all the results from the contest. T hank you for being a part of the Slique in 60 challenge!

*Body Transformation Score is calculated by adding the total pounds lost to the total inches lost divided by the declared starting weight. Winner results are not typical of the Slique in 60 program. Results not typical. Typical results for 120 Day Contest, 23.2 lbs. and 23.1 inches. Typical results for Phase 2, 9.34 lbs and 10 inches. Typical results for Phase 1 of the Slique in 60 challenge were 12.9 pounds and 13.5 inches lost. Results for the contest were achieved by a combination of increased exercise, adjusted dietary intake, and the use of Slique products.