Online Payments FAQ

General Questions

A. Here are options that you have:

Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa). Unfortunately we do not accept international cards.
South African ATM/debit card
EFT payments

A. Try using your ATM/debit card. All ATM cards that have the VISA or Mastercard logo work as a debit card and can be used for online transactions. Add the 16 digit card number, not account number to the “My Wallet” section of your Virtual office.

A. No. EFT payments are strictly for Shop/Shop Orders.

A. Click here to watch how you can pay for your EFT Order.

A. Check with your bank if the card has debit card capabilities. Some old versions of ATM/debit cards cannot be used for online purchases. You might need to update your debit card.

A. Yes. You can if you do not want to use your Credit Card you can choose to pay with via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by using your Debit/ATM Card.

A. Call your credit card issuing bank to authorize local online transactions. We accept international cards only with VISA or Mastercard functionalities. This applies to new enrollments, Quick/Shop Order and Essential Rewards orders.

A. As of now, we do not support payments done through PayPal.

A. Here are some solutions you may try:

Try deleting the failed credit card details and add another known usable credit card.
Try adding a new credit card to the Account Wallet before purchasing in the Virtual Office
Clear the cache in your internet browser
Check if your device (laptop, mobile, or desktop) needs some system updates

A. Young Living values your security especially when it comes to your personal and financial information. Rest assured that all information such as banking and personal data submitted to our Virtual Office system are encrypted and protected to guarantee your safety.

A. Make sure that:

There are sufficient funds or credit in your chosen payment facility (credit card, debit card, etc.)
The credit card or debit card information in the Virtual Office is correct
For debit card numbers, kindly indicate the 16-digit card number, not the bank account number
Check if you have multiple transactions using the same credit card. Banks normally put credit cards on-hold to safeguard against fraudulent transactions.