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Get your common concerns answered faster with the new Member Services Express Help! Just fill out the Express Help form and Member Services will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
There are currently (4) available Express Help forms! Click on the topic of your concern and you will be directed to the form:
2. Sponsor/Enroller Change - Within 5 Days of Enrollment (South Africa)
3. Track an Order (South Africa)
Please note that all form questions must be filled out to get express assistance. An email notification will be sent for every accomplished Express Help Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Express Help is an online platform through which our YL members can submit enquiries by completing a query form found on Contact Us page of the Virtual Office. Responses will be sent directly to the member’s e-mail.

No, we recommend accomplishing 1 form per concern only. We discourage filling out multiple forms for the same concern in order for our Member Services team to properly allocate resources and to respond to all queries more efficiently.

Once you have accomplished your Express Help form, you will receive an email notification. You may expect our Member Services team to respond/address your concern within 48 hours. Filling out multiple forms will not expedite our Member Services team’s response.

We discourage filling out multiple entries in one form in order for our Member Services team to properly allocate resources and to respond to all queries more efficiently.

You may access our Member Services Express Help forms from Mondays to Fridays, from 10am to 7pm. Forms received past 7pm or on a Saturday, will be accommodated on the next business day.


No, the Sponsor/Enroller Change Express Help form will only accommodate requests if the form was submitted within 5 days upon the enrollment date.

No. Only processing of Essential Rewards Orders and Essential Rewards subscription/template cancellation can be accomodated via Express Help. Cancelling an Essential Rewards Order requires a completely different process and needs to be raised Member Services.

For your security, only the last 4 digits of your credit card or debit card will be requested in order to verify your account and process your payment.

To track your order, you will need to add "YLA" to the beginning of the tracking number provided and remove the last 3 digits. E.g., 1952075063001 will be "YLA1952075063".

You will click on Quick Order and choose your items. (Points can only be used on quick orders)

Click on ‘next step’ and choose your shipping method.

Click on ‘next step’ and here you will be able to use your points (You can only purchase oils equivalent to what you have available. E.g., You have 12 points, and a lemon is 11.50, the purchase can be made.

The product can never exceed the amount that you have available. You also will not be able to use points and make a payment for the same product. Rewards points cannot be used to pay the shipping fee.

If the product needs to be delivered you can use your card saved on your profile to pay for the shipping fee or you can use the credits available on your account, if applicable.

Click on the ‘next step’, this is confirmation of your order and will click on place order.

You may only purchase new products, with your rewards points, once they are older than 6 months.

A purple flag will appear next to the item that is eligible for purchase with reward points.

Points can only be redeemed once your second “essential rewards” order has processed successfully.

You can redeem a maximum of 375 points per month. There is no limit to how many points that you can earn, however, points will expire after 12 months – Oldest points will expire first.

No diffusers, starter bundles or exceedingly rare products are available on reward points – Example the rose oil will not be available, due to this oil being a rare and expensive oil.

Credits can be used towards quick orders and rewards orders. You can simply apply this at the payment method option.

If the credit needs to be used towards essential rewards orders, the member will need to contact member services via live chat, call or email. The order will need to be processed to use the credits towards the order. If there is a balance owing, the remaining balance will be deducted from the card on profile.

a. Log onto virtual office and click on essential rewards, sub tabs will open and click on PV assistant.

b. Click on “yes I want to use PV assistant”. PV assistant will only activate if a product is out of stock, and you want your essential rewards order to meet your required PV per month.

c. Click the 'Update Goal' button to set new targets.

d. Select your PV Assistant products through the 'Add Products' button.

e. Set your Product Priority.

f. Click-and-drag the right side of each grey product box to the position and order you wish PV Assistant to select.

Note: PV Assistant adds products in the top-to-bottom order you choose. Please also note that we recommend placing items that are less expensive at the top; this way, if your ER (ESSENTIAL REWARDS) order is only short a few PV points, an expensive product will not be substituted by the PV Assistant tool.

g. And finally, click on the 'Turn on PV Assistant' button to finalize the PV Assistant setup.

***The PV Assistant will NOT be activated if "Turn on PV Assistant" is not clicked***

To request a skip month, you must contact a Member Services Representative by phone, email, or live Chat to process a skip month for your Essential Rewards Subscription. A skip month is only available once every 12 months – Member should be able to provide membership number and 4-digit pin.

To cancel the essential rewards order, member services need to be contacted. Clearing the cart will not cancel the order from processing.

Cancellations will forfeit points, discounted shipping, promotional items, and loyalty oils. Points cannot be transferred to another member.

To set up the Essential Rewards program, you are going to need to log into your Virtual Office and then click on the Essential Rewards tab on the left-hand side.

Once on this page, you are going to click on the “Join Now” button. From here, you will have to select the products you want to purchase for the month. You must select items with at least a minimum value of 50PV. You will need to click on the next button and choose your shipping method.

Click on the ‘next’ button and choose the date that the order will process automatically. The date that the order has been chosen will only process at midnight.

On this page you will need to select your payment method and then you can click on “save changes”.

a. Log onto virtual office and click on my account.

b. Sub tabs will open, and you can click on my wallet.

c. You can click on to add a new card.

d. You can add debit or credit cards.

e. Save the details and card details will be added.

f. To remove a card from your profile, proceed to my wallet.

g. Click on the dustbin to remove your card. This might take a few moments.

When contacting member services on calls, live chat, or email, always provide your membership number and 4-digit pin. This is for security reasons and to protect the members' details and to verify that we are speaking to the correct Member.

Membership number can be found on your virtual office under my account. The 4-digit pin number was chosen when the member has signed up. If the member cannot remember the pin, the agent will ask security questions to verify if this is the correct member. The pin will be provided to the member if all the security questions have been answered correctly.