Vital Ground

In 2015 Young Living was driven by a sense of global stewardship to partner with Vital Ground—a charity for animals that addresses the issue of habitat loss by permanently protecting lands for the benefit of grizzly bears and other wide-ranging wildlife. We are proud to donate a portion of all proceeds from the Animal Scents™ product line sales—including essential oils, dental pet chews, and shampoo—to this like-minded wildlife charity that prioritizes conservation and protection of fragile ecosystems.

Vital Ground does so by working cooperatively with local communities and government agencies to protect and reconnect grizzly bear habitats in the northeastern United States and Canada, impacting a multitude of other animals, plants, and ecosystems. Of all the wildlife charities and animal charities we could have attached our brand to, we chose Vital Ground because of the results of its work. To date, it has helped protect and enhance more than 600,000 acres of crucial wildlife habitat in North America.