Celebrate the Lavender Harvest!

The annual Lavender Harvest at our farm in St Maries, Idaho, is almost here! Each year we gather to harvest Lavender and take part in Young Living’s unique Seed to Seal® process. This event is your opportunity to participate in the harvest and witness firsthand how we ensure our oils are the purest and most potent available!

At the harvest, you can look forward to:

Playing a vital role in the harvesting of Lavender
Reconnecting with nature and a simpler, more natural way of life
Discovering a new appreciation of Young Living’s commitment to quality and authenticity
Making new friends and lasting memories

Event details

The Lavender Harvest will take place July 11–16. Members can reserve a spot for themselves and up to 15 members of their team.

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Registration will close June 23 at 11:59 p.m., MT.

Work assignments

All duties at the harvest will be assigned. To request a specific duty, please email sferris@youngliving.com and the request will be taken into consideration. All requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Assignments will be given upon arrival at the farm.


All members 18 years or older may attend this event. Participants must be physically fit and able to lift 35 pounds, tolerate extreme temperatures, and engage in rigorous physical activities.


The cost to attend the harvest in our general housing facility is $5,000 USD for a group of up to 15.

Cost includes:

Facility rental for one week
One-day river rafting trip
One Raindrop Technique® training
Members and their groups will be responsible for the following:
Airfare and roundtrip transfers
Food and beverage
All meal preparation
Cleaning the facility
Laundering of items used while at the farm

The member who reserves the facility must sign a check-in and check-out checklist upon arrival and departure and agree to a walk-through inspection by a Young Living farm employee.

In addition to the $5,000 USD rental, a $250 USD cleaning deposit is required and $150 USD will be refunded at the end of the week after the final walk-through.

In case of cancellation, registration may be transferred to another member. However, due to the nature of this event and the expenses involved in planning for each group, no refunds will be permitted. Transfers must be made no later than June 23.

For travel arrangements and accommodations click here .

What to bring

Work gloves (two pairs)
Cold weather clothing and undergarments
Work jeans and work shirts
Work boots and socks
Shower shoes/flip flops
Comfortable everyday shoes
Swimsuit for the hot tub
Flashlight and batteries
Personal toiletries
Towel and washcloth
*There is bedding available at the farm; however, if you would like an additional pillow, please bring it. There are only enough pillows for each person to have one.