Valuing Our Member Leaders for 20 Years

Since Young Living’s beginning, passionate member leaders have driven our company forward by contributing their time, talents, voices, and enthusiasm.

Recognition of member achievement is one way we show our many leaders that we value them. In each issue of Young Living’s monthly newsletter, The Essential Edge, members who have recently advanced in rank are announced in print. In addition, newly-advanced members are invited to the stage at our annual International Grand Convention to be recognized in front of the Young Living family.

Young Living members also know their value because we listen to them. Their perspective, as partners in sharing our important message of wellness and prosperity, is invaluable to our growth. Leaders share their concerns, ideas, and even product usage tips with us, and we listen to every word!

We also show our members that we value them by offering all the tools they need to succeed. At the upcoming International Grand Convention, we are even holding two sessions of convention to give more members the education and inspiration to live their dream!

Young Living member leaders are more than just customers; they are an integral, indispensable part of our company. Thank you, wonderful members, for making these past 20 years so successful!