Wellness Wednesdays

Your weekly dose of wellness

Join us each week for Wellness Wednesdays - a free, digital connection series led by some of our favourite wellness enthusiasts and experts!

In this season of staying home, we are focused on coming together even while we’re apart. Get ready to learn, connect and celebrate wellness with our passionate community and inspire your own journey of staying well. Space for each event is limited, stay tuned for upcoming events & register early to secure your Wednesday spot!
*Registration links will be added each week on Thursdays, check back to receive updates on the latest speakers and their events.

Ed Dailey- April 8 & April 15, 2020

Explore the immune system and its impact on our health and wellness. Learn how to support and strengthen your body with a well-balanced, plant-rich diet, supplements and more.

Niki Flynn- April 29, 2020

Tune in to discuss the importance of self-care, getting out of your own way and taking time to care for yourself each day. Plus, Niki will be sharing her favourite DIY face mask live!

Christina Schlecht- May 13, 2020

Explore the S.M.A.R.T. habits you need to create a green, naturally-clean home! Christina will share her favourite green cleaning products, DIYs and habits to support a healthy home.

Tamara Packer- May 27, 2020

Join us and Young Living Senior Global Educator and licensed massage therapist to learn the history of the Raindrop Technique and how you can enjoy the rejuvenating process from home!

Danielle Freese- June 10, 2020

Danielle will discuss what it means to be an empowered mom and equip you with the essentials to help raise your children in a safe, toxin-free environment and inspire wellness for the whole family!

Katrina Green- July 15, 2020

Grab your Plus oils! Whether you’re a beginner or a master chef, Katrina will surprise you new ways to brighten your dishes, save you time & money and leave your guests wanting more!

Debbie Irwin- July 29, 2020

Debbie will share reflections and learnings from her service trip to Nepal with the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation! Debbie will discuss how she worked to restore hope to the families, children and underserved local communities in Nepal, PLUS how you can get involved!

Andrea Sernick- August 12, 2020

In what promises to be a raw and real discussion, Andrea will share her go-to techniques to help her family keep calm, unwind before bed and stay positive each day.

Cory Howden- April 22, 2020

Tune in to learn more about the beautiful Northern Lights Farm and its state-of-the-art Distillery. Learn all about Northern Lights Black Spruce and how it is distilled in the heart of our own home.

Michelle Liu, May 6, 2020

Tune in to discuss how to navigate the world of stay-at-home parenthood in peace, harmony and wellness. As an educator and parenting and Enneagram consultant, Michelle will share her favourite diffuser blends and oils for conflict-free homeschooling.

Dr. Alishia M. Alibhai- May 20, 2020

Discuss how past experiences and memories create emotional blockages and explore ways to release them so you can live to your highest potential. Alishia will guide a visualization journey designed to release emotions that no longer serve you and inspire positivity, joy and abundance!

Cindy Grant- June 3, 2020

We’re welcoming Cindy Grant, Canadian Silver Leader, Integrated Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Professional Educator. Cindy will share her top tips to love your locks along with secrets to natural colour hacks, deep conditioning and DIY dry shampoo!

Arlene Anisman- July 8, 2020

Arlene will share her favourite ways to use the Animal Scents™ line to naturally and safely support your furry family members’ physical and emotional wellbeing for happy, healthy, thriving pets!

Kah-Mei Smith- July 22, 2020

Join Kah-Mei Smith, Canadian Platinum Leader as she shares her favourite tips for affordable, sustainable and plant-based gardening! Get equipped with all-natural gardening knowledge to help your crop thrive from planting through harvesting – including how to use your favourite essential oils in the process!

Salina Bhimji- August 5, 2020

We’re welcoming Salina Bhimji, Animal Health Technologist, Doctor of Animal Naturopathy and Canadian Platinum Leader. Salina will share her simple and safe tips for using essential oils with your pets.

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