You walk into an upscale department store, your eyes pass over the luxury and shine of it all, and you’re immediately enveloped by the smells of cinnamon and sandalwood. Know the feeling? Those exotic, expensive, fill-your-heart-with-joy scented candles are hard to resists, but you know better!

Candles can be full of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients that have no place in the home. The next time you’re tempted to purchase sweetly scented harsh chemicals, remember that you have pure and potent, not to mention incredible smelling, aromatic oils waiting for you at home! So plug in your diffuser and fill the room with these essential oil diffuser blends for an aroma that’s better than any retail candle.

Cliffside Dreaming

When life is less eat, pray, love and more work, work, work, you need an Italian getaway! Combine the bubbly scents of Grapefruit and Citrus Fresh™ with high-class Geranium and the depth of Blue Cypress for an aroma that will have you considering a one-way ticket to a Mediterranean cliffside villa.

Cliffside dreaming diffuser blend

Midnight Blossoms

What’s more exciting than nighttime adventure when the clock strikes 12? Nothing! When your busy schedule and tired eyes leave little time for midnight fun, add together the blossoming aroma of Jasmine to the bold scents of Orange and Neroli with a bit of balmy Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ and warm Copaiba.

Midnight blossoms diffuser blend

Staycation Sweets

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re too old for sleepovers. Call your friends over, bake a dessert, and get ready to gab all night! Make everyone feel at home with this blend of sweet Stress Away™ and spicy Cinnamon Bark and Nutmeg. They won’t be able to resist this cozy aroma!

Staycation Sweets diffuser blend

Forest Fantasies

If you don’t have wild moors or tangled forests nearby to wander in, you can still get lost in your own whimsical fantasies and daring daydreams. Add the musk of Patchouli with cozy Cedarwood, bright Bergamot, and earthy Juniper for a scent that will sweep you away to sun-speckled trees.

Forest fantasies diffuser blend

Snowy Escapes

Leave responsibility at the cabin door and get ready for a weekend of staying warm by the fire while it snows outside! For when it isn’t winter or you can’t make it to the mountains, diffuse brisk essential oils like Northern Lights Black Spruce and Pine with calming oils like Sacred Sandalwood and Ravintsara.

Snowy escapes diffuser blend

Victorian Gardens

You don’t need to be best friends with the Queen to get an invite to English tea! Brew your favorite drink, grab a spot in a patch of sunlight outside, and diffuse this bouquet blend. Mix the florals of Rose and Joy™ with crisp Lemon and Black Pepper and herby Clary Sage and you’ll be as chuffed as Her Majesty.

Victorian Garden diffuser blend

Want to get the whole family on board with ditching candles for exquisite essential oil diffuser blends? Diffuse more foresty blends and find scents for the men in your life.

Which blend is calling to you?

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