On The Road: Travel Essentials

27 November 12, 2015 - Aromatherapy, At Home, Essential Oils, Infographics, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

Young Living Travel Essentials - on-the-road-travel-essentials-infographic

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  • Eesha

    I wanted to know, does the diffuser work if it is sideways i.e. the “top” faces towards me?

    • Hi Eesha, this is a great question! Yes, the USB diffuser can face any direction and still output properly. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thank you so much, i really aprciate it softasm.com

  • I am headed out for a road trip. I am taking slique bars, protein complete, NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro and NingXia ZING (just in case I need a big boost). My stainless steel travel cup with Vitality Citrus Fresh and water. Thank you for telling us about the Aroma Ease. I can diffuse that too! Of course, a good selection of oils and a few 4 year career books for the people I meet along the way!

  • Amanda

    Does the diffuser have to be in a certain position? My USB port is sideways in my car, is it going to spill?

    • Great question, Amanda! You can use this diffuser vertically, on its side or even upside down. As long as you have the top to the bottle/cartridge tight you should be all set. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Barbara Wroblewski

    Great ideas! Also, when traveling where there is bad weather, there is always a possibility of getting stranded. Carry a metal can with a lid and put a candle and a small amount of sand in it. Make sure to have matches too because a candle in a can, can keep you warm. Have blanket, snacks and water. Happy and safe traveling over the holidays!

  • Sarah

    I have my family apply Harmony blend before we take off on a road trip. I also keep StressAway handy for my husband when traffic gets a little congested.

  • Cynthia

    How does the USB diffuser work?
    Is there a place where you put a drop of oil?
    If the auxiliary port in the car only works when the car is running, will the oil be wasted when the car is parked?
    How long does the fragrance last?

    • Hi Cynthia, These are all great questions. When you’re ready to use your USB diffuser, your desired essential oil should be added to a small bottle which is inserted into the diffuser. The oil will not be wasted when the car is in park, but it is recommended that you unplug the diffuser when it is not in use. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nancy Lorenz

    Thank you for the reminder to get my car ready for the winter Season. It is important to make sure we have emergency supplies in our vehicles if there is an actual emergency or even something as simple as a flat tire! Personally I would add a few more items such as a few flares, a pocket knife, a few baggies, some of those instant hot pads, a few granola bars and some Duct Tape!! I have found these items to be of good use several times during my many years! Awesome reminder! Thank you so much!

    • Young Living

      Hi Nancy! These are great suggestions to have when on the road. Thanks for your additional ideas and for stopping by!

      • You meant Slique Bars, not granola bars, right? 😉

  • Katie

    Good tips! Thank you! Can’t wait to try the NingXia Nitro and Organic Dried Wolfberries!

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