• Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Mint Dipping Sauce Header

Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Mint Dipping Sauce

Spring has most definitely sprung! As the weather begins to warm up, it's time to start incorporating some healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes into your weekly meal prep rotation! Why not start with these fresh and super delicious, prawn rice paper rolls that are the perfect addition to any spring picnic or dinner party. These yummy rice paper [...]

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  • Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pots Header

Chocolate Coconut Pots Recipe

Looking for the perfect dessert for your next dinner party? You've come to the right place. This rich and creamy Chocolate Coconut Pots recipe is not only delicious, it's quick and easy to make! I've served it many times to happy guests attending my cooking classes where I share healthy recipes and demonstrate how easy [...]

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  • Easy Vegan Nut Mylk

Easy Vegan Nut Mylk

So, you’ve dived into the world of nut mylk – we’re impressed! It can be a daunting experience when you enter the long-life milk section at the supermarket with shelves and shelves of different brands offering you their version of the best.  Store-bought nut mylk can be convenient but have you ever considered making your [...]

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