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7 Aussie-approved uses for Kunzea essential oil

What is Kunzea oil used for? G’day! We’re taking a trip to the land down under with one of our favourite Australians: Kunzea essential oil. Sheilas and blokes alike will defo fall in love with this fresh favourite. From soothing your skin to keeping outdoor spaces clear, we reckon Kunzea’s heaps of uses and benefits will [...]

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Citronella: 4 reasons why it’s summer’s sidekick

Blow Flies, lemonade, and wild adventures into the great unknown—summer is finally here! From football games and bush camp outs to backyard family BBQs and theme park vacations, do you have any Citronella essential oil in your summer step? Known for its bright, lemony scent and is frequently used in patio candles, and sunscreen, Citronella essential [...]

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Seafood, Vegetable & Fruit Grazing Platter with Three Dips

Platters are great for serving when you have guests. I usually use a mix of veggies I have on hand, fruits that are in season and seafood that looks good at the market. If you don’t enjoy seafood you can substitute a variety of cheeses and organic deli meats or sliced roasted chicken breast, prosciutto [...]

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Frankincense Christmas Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle

Christmas cookies are a great way to have fun with some festive, Christmas baking!  This is a quick and easy shortbread recipe for these classic Christmas Cookies. Easy to make and decorate, they also make great Christmas gift ideas. Frankincense Oil adds a divine flavour and  goes really well with chocolate and is lovely in [...]

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Honey & Rosemary Ice-Cream

A delicious honey flavoured vanilla ice-cream with a refreshing hint of rosemary. Summer would not be the same without ice-cream! I like to make my ice cream at least 1 day ahead so it has time to set in the freezer. Try drizzling over a little honey and toasted or raw chopped walnuts or almonds [...]

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How to use essential oils

How to use essential oils: Aromatically Topically Flavouring Maybe you’re unpacking your Premium Starter Kit, you were gifted a bunch of essential oils— you lucky duck —or, like some of us, you dove head-first into essential oils because you knew there was something special about them. Now you’re overwhelmed by how to use them. Have [...]

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Introducing Protein Complete in Chocolate Deluxe or Vanilla Spice

From your head to your toes and everything in between, protein is a necessary component of every cell in the body. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissue, and it is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Your hair and nails are almost exclusively made of protein. Clearly, protein is [...]

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Chill out: 6 ways to stay cool with Wintergreen essential oil

Need to chill out? Try Wintergreen. Your feet need a break after the back-to-school hustle? Use Wintergreen. Needing a winter-will-never-end pick-me-up? May we suggest Wintergreen? Don’t be misled by the name of this oil—Wintergreen essential oil has year-round benefits. And just like that cool guy or gal you’re always looking to hang with no matter the [...]

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