Looking for immortal beauty?

Dear health-conscious ladies, I mean it! 

Now you don’t have to spend your whole life searching or flying to the Ningxia Province in China… One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet with nearly 4.6-million-liter sold every year —— NingXia Red on your hand is the anti-oxidant beverage for rejuvenation.


Age is no secret — effortless way for your timeless skin!

NingXia Red — the true superfruit beverage for your immortal beauty and wellness support. Its antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and anthocyanin from whole-fruit wolfberry puree, superfruit extracts and four citrusy pure essential oils are your powerful guardian against the cell-damaging free radicals.




Ain’t no party like a Club RED Party!

Believe me — Club RED is the perfect holiday party people head to when they really want to let loose! Naturally sweetened with zero-calorie Stevia extract, NingXia Red is what make your party sparkle by creating signature drinks and desserts that are vegan-friendly and suitable for people concerned with blood sugar level.


New Year Celebration

Club Red Viva

⭐You may add fruity ice blocks to the signature drink to enhance the flavor!


NingXia Red Jelly (DIY Video)

Mid-Day Moxie

Whether you have an office job, or you’re a full-time stay-at-home parent, daytime hours are crunch time and getting there is half the battle. Sit back and enjoy the energy boost that comes from NingXia Red!





Dear NingXia, you are just as passionate you are to make sure our day starts and ends strong, healthy and beautiful!

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