They say that home is where the heart is. Perhaps that’s why a feeling of loss is so apparent when you are far from the ones you love. Homesickness can be felt while traveling in an unfamiliar country, while at school in another state, and—maybe most intensely—when you can’t be home for the holidays. Whatever makes you feel it, we agree that the ache of homesickness is the worst!

That’s why we’re sharing these five tips for combatting feelings of loneliness and longing for home. Whether you’re an easy 30-minute drive from where you grew up or across the world, these simple steps will help you feel close to home, even if only in your dreams.

Jasmine Essential Oil1. Scents of nostalgia

Did you know that your sense of smell is the sense most able to recall memory? Try adding things to help you remember happy times of togetherness and love. Did your mom clean with Thieves® or Lemon essential oils? Did your grandma have a special homemade apple pie recipe? Does your backyard smell of pine trees or jasmine flowers? Simply add a few drops of your favorite scent to your diffuser and transport yourself back to the family cabin or days with friends on the beach. Pull out some old photos and take a happy trip down memory lane.

2. Recreate traditions

Homemade Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream Recipe TileAre you too far away to travel home for a sibling’s birthday or family-favorite holiday? That’s no reason to sit staring longingly at Instagram while your loved ones celebrate. Grab a coworker, travel companion, or roommate to recreate some of those beloved traditions and celebrate your family from afar! Maybe your birthday has always started with a hike in the mountains followed by Dad’s homemade pancakes; mirror the tradition by locating the nearest trailhead and making a reservation for you and friends at a popular brunch spot. Whatever your traditions are, relive them in the city you currently call home for a bit of familiar comfort on those special days.

Christmas Spirit3. Send your love

Thanks to technology, we can reach out to our families and see their faces in seconds; but nothing feels quite as intentional or heartfelt as sending physical mail. Sit down and write your love and longing to those you can’t see and pick up that scarf you saw in the store window that would look perfect on your sister and send it her way, too.

Send a bit of yourself home by dabbing a drop of your favorite essential oil on the inside of packages. You can even scent them according to the season by adding Orange in the summer, Christmas Spirit™ in the colder months, and Grapefruit in the springtime.

4. Happy and content

Eucalyptus radiata essential oilNo matter what triggers feelings of homesickness, there is little that is more discouraging. Make a list of small, simple things that make you happy and try a couple each day to lift your spirits. There are a handful of essential oils that happy people tend to use, so turn on the bath, plug in your diffuser, or add some of these oils to your wrists to see if their scents help bring about feelings of hope and cheer:

5. Take your home state with you

Whether it’s December 25 or the middle of April, sometimes you need to feel like you’re home, even if you can’t be there. We get it. Maybe you’re missing the mountains, your childhood forests, or the desert air. Just because you aren’t physically there doesn’t mean you can’t feel at home any day of the year. Diffuse these essential oil blends and bring the smell of California lemon trees or East Coast forests into your bedroom or workspace:

The Northwest essential oil diffuser blend

The Midwest essential oil diffuser blend

The South essential oil diffuser blend

The Sunny coast essential oil diffuser blend

We hope these tips will ease the ache of homesickness a little bit and help you create a sense of home right where you are.

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What are some things you do to cheer yourself up when you’re homesick?

Share your tips in the comments below!