You diffuse it, put it in your food, bathe in it and lather it on your face. Essential oils are ingrained in your lifestyle. When you love something this much, you can’t help but share it. And there’s one family member who could benefit from essential oils… your pets.

Support a healthy-looking coat, create a calming environment and prevent that wet dog smell, using essential oils. Just like it’s important for you to use 100% pure essential oils, the same applies for pets. For your pooch, fragrances that work well include lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, sandalwood, geranium and chamomile. If you’re a cat person, consider lavender, frankincense and chamomile.

Keep reading to find out 5 essential oils to use to pamper your pets!

Animal care, through essential oils.

Your pets are intuitive and, oftentimes, are sensitive to smells. Experiment with scents and take notice of their response as you introduce different oils. Start with one smell at a time, by diffusing them for short periods. Judge how comfortable they are with the aroma. Pick a couple of favourites (that don’t enact any kind of response) and as well as diffusing, begin using them topically.

Topical tips? Before applying essential oils to your pets, be sure to dilute! Simply, mix 1 drop in 5ml of carrier oil. If a larger quantity is desired, maintain a ratio of 1 drop to 5ml of carrier oil. Apply by rubbing, brushing or lightly spraying according to the size and species of the animal.

Here are five 100% pure, ‘universally’ therapeutic-grade essential oils, to pamper your pets!

  1. Pet Fresh

Does your pup spend all day roaming outside and come home an absolute mess? Pet Fresh essential oil has got your back here! It is designed to help support a soft and healthy-looking coat, thanks to blends of Myrrh and Dorado Azul essential oils. Best of all, it’s formulated without synthetic perfumes, dyes, artificial colours or fragrances. Only the best for your bestie!

How to use it: After diluting, gently apply it to your furry friends back, behind the ears, then follow it up with a gentle hug.

  1. PuriClean

If your pup is like every other ‘energy-bunny’ dog, they’re active and unfortunately, dirty. If you find your pup isn’t the freshest they could be and there is no time for a bath, reach for the PuriClean essential oil. This solution helps purify your pets skin keeping them smelling fresh after play time’s over.

How to use it:
Simply dilute and apply a few drops topically, treating your pet to a gentle massage and brushing for a beautifully soft finish.

  1. Pet Care

Create an environment of comfort and reassurance with Pet Care essential oil. Formulated specifically for animals, this essential oil blend can be applied topically to promote a balanced environment for your pets.

How to use it: In various ways! Dilute and apply behind each ear, or to the bottom of paws.

  1. Inner Balance

Want to create a warm comforting aroma for your furry friend, consider Inner Balance essential oil. It contains an intuitive blend of relaxing aromas that include Ginger, Peppermint, Anise and Cumin Seed oils. Inner Balance is so calming, it might just send them off to sleep.

How to use it: Dilute accordingly and apply to your pet’s abdomen.

  1. Pet Renew

When your little backyard adventurer comes back inside at the end of the day, Pet Renew essential oil gives them a lovely ‘hug’ with its natural, earthy aroma. It creates an uplifting environment, giving pups some extra love after a long day of play. The Geranium, Hyssop, Lavender and Frankincense blend is a delight on their coat – moisturising both skin and fur.

How to use it: Diffuse 10 drops of Pet Renew or dilute into a bottle with distilled water, to lightly sprayed on the coat. Pooch has never smelled this good before!

If you have cautious cats, you’re better off with in-direct contact. Spray it around the area they sleep, diffuse it, and once you’re sure they’re not ‘rejecting’ it, get closer onto toys and beds. Be experimental, switch up the scents, and most importantly, ‘listen’ to your pets.

When it comes to creating a calm atmosphere and making life more pleasant for you (especially on the nose), you can’t beat essential oils. They’re a low tox alternative to regular synthetic products.

You wouldn’t use standard, supermarket-bought ingredients on your skin… so, why should your furry babies?