12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Christmas 

Looking for ways to spruce up this Christmas season? Around this time, life tends to get so busy. Everyone is focused on their end of year wrap-up at work, stressed out about what to do with the kids during school holidays, family is in town and that list of things to do around the house just keeps growing! Amongst the busyness of this season, don’t forget to take time out to spend with your loved ones and celebrate this special season by taking your Christmas game to the next level.  

  1. Watch a Christmas movie

Get the corn popping, your favourite snacks and grab the family to watch a classic Christmas movie. Whether it’s Love Actually or Die Hard, the time together makes it extra special. Who knows, this could even be the beginning of a new Christmas tradition! 

  1. Make your fake Christmas tree smell like a real one

There really isn’t anything like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree permeating through your home! If you’ve got a fake Christmas tree, try these tips in your home to bring it to life – it’ll surely be a crowd pleaser!

  • Place a diffuser near or even behind the tree and add your favourite woodsy essential oil blend
  • Add a few drops to some pinecones and place them on or near your tree

Recommended Essential Oils: Pine, Idaho Grand Fir, Cypress, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce 

  1. Bake Gingerbread cookies!

What better way to bring on the holiday season than with the warm smell of homemade Gingerbread cookies?! Let your kids get in on the fun and get creative with different shapes, cuts, or even decorating their own gingerbread house!  

Check out our delicious recipe on our blog.

  1. Get the family together and have a Kris Kringle 

Get creative! Make it fun by adding a plot twist! Use this chart to play this with your family or friends! 

  1. Make a Christmas Pudding

Create happy memories with this delightful Chocolate and Cherry Christmas pudding! Your family and friends will love these delicious festive treats 

Check out this mouth-watering recipe on our blog!

  1. Christmas craft with the kids: Handmade Christmas Wreath

  1. Gift your neighbours with a homemade DIY Roller Bottle 

Blends you can make:

  1. Host a paint and sip: Get together with friends and NingXia Mocktails

All you need is paint, canvases, NingXia Mocktails and of course, friends!  

Try the perfect NingXia Mocktail with a festive twist:  

  1. DIY ornaments 

What you need:  

  • Baking Clay
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • Straw
  • Paint, pens and brushes 

How to:  

  • Roll out the clay mix to about 1 cm in thickness
  • Use the cookie cutters to create the outline of the ornament 
  • Using the straw, poke a hole at the top for the string to hang
  • Bake at 175 C for 15 mins
  • Let it cool completely 
  • Get creative and decorate!

Tip: Cut out initials for personalised Christmas gifts! 

  1. Get creative with your table setting: Festive Christmas napkin folds

Step up your Christmas game and impress everyone at the dinner table with this festive napkin idea! 

  1. Make your own Christmas cards

Who doesn’t love a handmade card? Especially from the kids! Plus, save some extra money this year and let the kids get creative during the holidays! 

Here are some ideas!


  1. Diffuse Christmas Spirit essential oil

It’s a given! It’s literally Christmas in a bottle!  







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We hope these simple tips adds joy to your festivities this season!