Fancy something new for summer? Try Carrot Seed, Dill, and RutaVaLa Roll-On!

Carrot Seed, Dill, and RutaVaLa Roll-On are now available to order in Europe!
Are tummy troubles, restlessness or a dull complexion weighing you down? Well, we have got great news for you! We have just launched two new oils and roll-on in Europe that can help bring back glowing skin and peak wellness!

Carrot Seed

Traditionally used in cases of digestive discomfort, the oil from the seeds of Daucus carota sativa is also highly regarded for supporting the liver and skin. In addition to its mildly sweet, earthy scent it has conditioning and moisturising properties that help you say goodbye to a dull complexion, fine lines, and wrinkles! Check out the recipe below for some homemade inspiration!

Code: 308108 (5ml)


Spicy, fresh, stimulating – the steam distilled oil of Anethum graveolens smells like a sumptuous herb garden! Dill essential oil supports the liver and the autonomic nervous system which regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate and digestion. Roman gladiators also used dill to protect their skin from minor scrapes and burns.

Usage tip: Try massaging 1-2 drops onto the soles of the feet or over the liver each day!

Code: 353608 (5ml)

RutaVaLa Roll-On

Need a good night’s sleep? Try RutaVaLa, a calming blend of rue (Ruta graveolens), lavender, and valerian in fractionated virgin coconut oil! The blend is a favourite when it comes to promoting relaxation and induce quality sleep. Now available as a roll-on, it is even easier to use – perfect for a quick application on your wrists or the soles of your feet before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and vibrant!

Code: 4471500 (10ml)