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Meet Our Newest Products
We launched 27 new products at the convention—or more than 50, if you count the beautiful color selections!
The diversity of the new products means that it’s easier than ever to use products that you feel good about all the time—from putting on makeup to welcoming a new arrival into your home or, as always, supporting your family’s wellness.
Breaking it down by the numbers, we’re sure you will love these great new products!
Seed to Seal Spotlight: A Deeper Look at Our Seed to Seal Story
To bring pure essential oils to families around the world, our Seed to Seal® standard is at the core of everything we do. Because this standard is an integral part of our company and culture, we’re constantly working to ensure that members and people around the world understand what goes into these principles. That’s why we’re proud to share with you the three core pillars of Seed to Seal: Sourcing, Science, and Standards.

Creating a Healthy Home: Make the Switch
A home should be a place of refuge, a place where you and your loved ones feel comfortable, protected, and happy. At the core of this is a sense of safety and security, an environment of peace that comes from knowing your home is filled with people and products you trust.
With so many under-regulated and misleading household cleaning products on the market, knowing what is safe and what isn’t is overwhelming. We’re here to reassure you that a sparkling-clean home doesn’t require harsh chemicals. In fact, those chemicals may leave behind residue that is even more harmful than a little soap scum.
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