March's Essential Edge is Now Available

The newest publication of The Essential Edge is now available. Inside this issue:

Ever since we previewed the all-new Elite Express program back in December, we’ve been so excited to officially launch it! We’ve designed it to take the success of Silver in Six and expand it to reward even more members. Elite Express spans from Executive all the way up to Platinum and offers big rewards every step of the way.
In May of 1992, Gary purchased his first farm of 160 acres of pristine farmland in the mountains of St. Maries, Idaho. He quickly began to till land that had not been plowed in 50 years. After discovering that the soil had an acid pH of 4.5, Gary began tilling in several tons of manure, microbes, enzymes, and foliage feed to start bringing up the pH. It took him 10 days to plow 40 acres.
After visiting Nepal in January 2016, Young Living founder D. Gary Young and staff from the Young Living Foundation were overwhelmed with the devastation that still exists in a nation slowly recovering from the 2015 earthquakes. Nearly one million people in Nepal are still homeless after their homes were destroyed almost one year ago. Many victims are struggling to survive the sub-zero temperatures, chilling winds, and heavy rains that stream through gaps in their makeshift shelters.
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