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Kate McAloon

Chef Kate McAloon, "Chef to the Stars.. and Beyond!", was born with a "mixing spoon" in her mouth and a natural talent for creating food with amazing flavours. Her love of cooking and travel has helped shaped her interest in different cultures and she loves to bring people together through food. Much of her inspiration comes from her favourite global destinations, especially the French Riviera, where she lived and attended cooking school at the Moulin de Mougins Restaurant as an apprentice chef.
Kate also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Washington, Oregon, London, St Martin, Marbella, Spain and Los Angeles and in 2011 Kate made the move from LA to Australia. While in LA, Kate cooked for many celebrity clients such as, Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Crow, Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman, Courteney Cox & David Arquette as well as Meg Ryan.
In Australia, Kate has been spreading her passion for healthy, tasty food using organic ingredients wherever possible. She enjoys sourcing the freshest ingredients at Farmers Markets and incorporates "super foods", medicinal herbs and Young Living’s Essential Oils into her recipes. The Flavour of JOY! is more than a cookbook. Kate has included stories to inspire, amuse, and uplift, as well as delicious, healthy recipes, tips, a few of her more memorable kitchen mishap stories, and some of her client’s favourite dishes. This book is a combination of Kate's journey with food and discovering her life's passion. To nourish the body and soul, Young Living Essential Oils are the perfect addition to Kate’s favourite recipes for the delicious burst of flavour that she craves. These "hidden" veggies and herbs in Kate’s dishes are what help make her food delicious and healthy. Chef Kate says, "When your food is organic, very tasty and deeply satisfying, you just naturally eat less and feel better."

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