Urban Zen Foundation

The Urban Zen Foundation has three key initiatives:
Enhance well-being
Preserve cultures
Empower Children
Urban Zen’s Well-Being initiative aims to change the current healthcare paradigm to include integrative medicine and promote patient advocacy.

“It’s not either-or, it’s and,” says Urban Zen Founder and world-renowned fashion designer, Donna Karan, who was first introduced to eastern healing modalities when her husband was diagnosed with cancer years ago.

By combining western medical science with eastern healing practices like aromatherapy, yoga, and massage, the foundation strives to put the focus back on the patients and to treat them with as much passion as we treat the disease.

Young Living has contributed to the foundation’s Well-Being initiative since 2007, when we were invited to participate in the first-ever Well-Being Forum. Young Living also participated in the 2009 Nutrition Forum as part of an ongoing commitment to educate the public about key healthcare issues and the important role diet plays in disease prevention.

At the forum, Young Living Essential Oils Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Corrigan, shared how a fundamental understanding of nutraceuticals can help people get the most for their dollar. Doug taught participants about essential nutrients, deficiencies, and the “behind-the-scenes” realities of mass-producing natural products. Doug joined a panel of physicians, professors, authors, and celebrities to provide nutrition education. Panelists included:
Mehmet Oz, MD
Rodney Yee
Kris Carr
Woodson Merrell, MD
Donna Karan
Sonja Nuttall
Dr. Jamie Naughtright
Jill Pettijohn
Colleen Saidman Yee
Through the foundation’s first-ever Integrative Therapist Program, Urban Zen is making great advancements towards combining western medicine and holistic, alternative therapies like aromatherapy, yoga, Reiki, massage, and nutrition.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapist Program

The Urban Zen Foundation’s holistic approach to patient care is taught in the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT) program—a 500-hour advanced program focused on integrating alternative therapies into traditional western patient care.

The UZIT program trains healthcare practitioners and wellness advocates in eastern healing techniques like yoga therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, massage, and nutrition, to treat people suffering from pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, digestive discomfort, and exhaustion.
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