April 2017 Promotion

April 2017 PV Specials

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Fill your heart with joy and happiness this Spring! Renew yourself everyday with our refreshing, soft flowery scent and most beloved and popular essential oils to help kick-start your day. Find out how you can get a limited edition eco-friendly drawstring bag for FREE this April too, while stock last!

250 PV Reward

- Bergamot (15ml)
Worth: RM169.74

350 PV Reward

- Bergamot (15ml)
- Ylang Ylang (15ml)
Worth: RM426.32

450 PV Reward

- Bergamot (15ml)
- Ylang Ylang (15ml)
- Everyday Oils Collection
- Hibiscus Red Woven Bag
Worth: RM1273.69

Terms and Conditions

1. All offers valid from 1 April - 30 April 2017.
2. Top-ups to Essential Rewards are not allowed.
3. Available on Essential Rewards and Standard Order.
4. PV promotions are not cumulative.
5. YL Malaysia will have the right to replace any promotional products should these items be unavailable with products of similar value.

April Promotion - Mother's Day Catalogue

My Mom, My Hero!
Raindrop Technique Kit
This collection of oils includes seven single oils and two oil blends; all in 5-ml sizes. The singles oils used include, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint while Aroma Siez and Valor II will be the two oil blends in this collection.The collection also contains one bottle of Ortho Ease Massage Oil and one bottle of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.
Item Code: 3137515
Wholesale Price: RM644.00
PV: 134.75
Beauty From Within
Everything your lady need is in this set! Bring out the natural beauty from within as these three essential oils, Fennel, SclarEssence & Clary Sage are gentle, inspiring and encourages grounding feelings - making it a perfect choice for daily use.
Item No: 20914
Set Price: RM412.20
Set PV: 85.95
Savings: RM45.80
The Beauty Kit
The Genesis Hand & Body Lotion is an ultra-moisturizing cream as it contain natural botanicals as ingredients to sooth and nurture dry, dehydrated skin. With the duo features of lip gloss and essential oils on the L'Briante series, be ready anytime of the day for the picture-perfect moment!
Item No: 20915
Set Price: RM432.90
Set PV: 90.00
Savings: RM48.10
Pamper Kit
Pamper your skin the right way! This skin care is a must-have to keep your face moisturized and glow like stars in the sky. It features some of Young Living best skin care products - making it an ideal gift for all the ladies in your life.
Item No: 20918
Set Price: RM509.40
Set PV: 106.20
Savings: RM56.60
Rest & Relax Set
The Aria diffuser combines ultrasonic technology and soothing built-in music for relaxation. Vibrates over a million times per second to disperse vaporize water and oil for fresher air. This luxury set comes with an exotic and romantic 5-ml Jasmine essential oil to give off a zen experience and support skin health.
Item Code: 20907
Set Price: RM1206.00
Set PV: 190.35
Savings: RM134.00
Perfume Duo Set
Feel and smell good on-the-go with the Perfume Duo. Jade Lemon and Melissa essential oil have its own unique pleasing and uplifting aroma to support healthy skin the natural way. Both in 5-ml for convenience anytime, anywhere.
Item Code: 20900
Set Price: RM719.10
Set PV: 80.55
Savings: RM79.90
Lavender Fun Set
Refresh your routine with the Lavender Fun Set as the set features products that are plant-based, safe and environmentally responsible. Treat your hair with the Lavender series shampoo and conditioner to achieve strong and silkier hair. Don't forget to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with Lavender bath & shower gel as everyone deserves beautiful and healthy skin.
Item Code: 20917
Set Price: RM251.10
Set PV: 52.20
Savings: RM27.90
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Terms & Conditions

1. Offer valid from 1 April - 30 April 2017
2. Available on Essential Rewards & Standard Order.
3. Available via Virtual Office, walk-in, email, phone and fax.
4. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
5. Strictly while stocks last.