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Ming is a housewife and a mom of 3 children, she believed that she has devoted all the best nutrients from her body to her children. She also felt physically and mentally exhausted in the past few years resulting in loss of confidence. However, when she started using Young Living products, surprisingly she discovered that BLOOM Collagen Complete has brought amazing transformation to her whole body and even mind! And these changes not only rebuild her self-confidence, but also make her proud of her role as a housewife

Janice, a fitness trainer and former beauty editor, is an energetic girl who loves to exercise and keep her body in shape. Every bride wants to shine on her once-in-a-lifetime wedding moment, so as Janice. That is the reason why she was so in love with BLOOM Collagen Complete after her trial. She discovered that even under high pressure, her skin condition was no longer as unstable as before. She is satisfied with the amazing change on her skin condition like smoothing dull and uneven skin tone.

Christina is a busy working mom with her time split between taking care of her family and going on business trips. Nevertheless, her pursuit of beauty is just as same as many other women. Yet she is very cautious about products for internal use thus wasn't assured to try any of the collagen products, until she met BLOOM Collagen Complete. After drinking it for a while, changes both spotted by herself and others amazed her so much that her self-confidence is boosted
Product Snapshot

Product Snapshot

  • 10,000mg of Peptan marine collagen
  • 2000da small molecule collagen allows good absorption and assimilation
  • Contains 7 antioxidants including CoQ10, Wolfberry extract, Jasmine green tea extract, etc
  • Contains 100% natural Young Living Grapefruit, lemon and Lime essential oils
  • No preservatives and artificial sweeteners
  • Natural citrus flavor